Astrology Aspects

October, 2016

  • 28 October


    Vesta square Pluto

  • 27 October

    Sun in Taurus Quincunx Saturn

    TAURUS SUN quincunx SATURN [artist: unknown] The frustration you’re experiencing is unbelievably annoying. But sometimes, …

  • 27 October

    Full Moon in Scorpio

    Let’s talk about death. Not as some grave, terminal event as we experience here as …

September, 2016

  • 29 September

    Moon square Neptune

    Moon square Neptune OK, ♆ Sensitive people ♆: Do not validate the ‘victim’ in you. …

  • 29 September

    The Equinox

    An Equinox Intention Sun at 29° Pisces

  • 29 September

    The Solstice

    Solstice – 00° Cancer – 21 June

  • 29 September

    Jupiter conjunct the North Node

    Jupiter conjunct the North Node, jupiter nodes astrology, north node jupiter astrology aspects, the nodes in relation to jupiter, astrology aspects, astrology jupiter

    The more sensitive among us will sense this Jupiter conjunct the North Node as a …

  • 29 September

    Venus sextile Uranus

    Sometimes, the slightest variation in a ‘time-honoured recipe’ can twist things considerably. Maybe a different ingredient; a novel idea; a fresh approach; a …

June, 2016

May, 2016

April, 2016

March, 2016

February, 2016

January, 2016

  • 30 January

    Mercury conjunct Pluto – in Capricorn

    Mercury, Pluto, Capricorn, Mercury Conjunct Pluto

    What, you think I can’t see right through your miserable bull shit? You’re only kidding …

  • 29 January

    Moon in Libra

    The vibe draws focus on creating some harmony and peace through playing the great balancing …

  • 28 January

    Moon in Virgo

    moon in virgo, virgo moon, earth signs moon,

    The strong emphasis in Virgo now only highlights the tendency for the head to hijack …

  • 25 January

    Mars conjunct Juno – in Scorpio

    Mars, Mars conjunct Juno, Sacred Marriage, Juno/Mars in Scorpio

    Things get a little hot for someone in the partnership this week, and with all …

  • 24 January

    Venus in Capricorn

    venus in capricorn, capricorn venus, earth signs venus, venus capricorn astrology, venus in capricorn meaning, capricorn love, capricorn astrology, earth signs astrology, earth signs venus, earth sign venus

    After that spellbindingly exciting roadtrip through Sagittarius, where hopes of good times and promises of …

  • 22 January

    Mars trine Neptune ~ Semi-square Venus

    Mars trine neptune, neptune mars astrology, neptune mars aspects, mars astrology

    MARS trine NEPTUNE, semi-square VENUS The male who is steeped in ignorance about the nature …

  • 16 January

    Mercury trine Jupiter

    mercury trine jupiter, mercury jupiter astrology, mercury jupiter aspects, jupiter astrology, Mercury astrology,

    Mercury rules the mind, mental development and communication. Vibrations coming from that planet help us …

  • 16 January

    Saturn on the Mercury/Mars midpoint

    It’s not that you’re not angry now. Not that you don’t want to just open …

  • 16 January

    Venus square Chiron

    venus chiron aspects, venus astrology, chiron astrology, chiron healer, chiron healing, venus chiron aspects

    When we do finally find joy, we want it to last forever, but then, when …

  • 11 January

    Moon in Leo

    moon in leo, fire signs moon, leo moon, leo astrology, moon aspects

    Yes, you ARE special. And knowing you are special is very special indeed. Re-member, you …

  • 11 January

    Moon in Scorpio

    Everything seemed fine until “she” showed up here… [Keep a tight handle over those emotions. …

  • 11 January

    Mars in Scorpio

    Ok, let me just explain a little how this sometimes ruthless placement of combative Mars …

  • 11 January

    Venus square Neptune

    One thing about this now, in amongst all this intensity of all the other stellar …

  • 11 January

    Sun conjunct Pluto

    Sometimes it’s hard not to be overcome, not just with an impulse, but to feel …

  • 11 January

    Moon in Capricorn (Balsamic)

    moon in capricorn, earth sign moon, capricorn moon, moon signs,

    What if you could just let go of any feelings of inadequacy – of not …

  • 11 January

    Moon in Aquarius

    moon in aquarius, air signs moon, aquarian moon, astrology moon, aquarius astrology

    In a world of structured form and neat, orderly convention, our inner need to express …

December, 2015

  • 20 December

    Moon in Aries

    Ok. Stay with me here… I’m doing this. Of course I don’t know, but i …

  • 17 December

    Moon enters Pisces

    The collective mood now shifts into the vastly infinite realms of the divine, and we …

  • 17 December

    Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto

    A real chance now to make a fearlessly unblushing pledge of your affections, to penetrate …

  • 16 December

    Mercury sextile Neptune

    Only the power of your imagination can help you see through walls, take you beyond …

  • 14 December

    Mercury square Pluto

    mercury square pluto, mercury pluto aspects, mercury pluto astrology, astrology aspects, pluto communication

    Persuasive is one thing, outright pushy and unkind with your words is quite another. You …

  • 14 December

    Always the Sun…

    solar flare, sun, always the sun, sun astrology, nervous system, astrology aspects, the sun in astrology

    Easy? You wanted easy? Nobody said this was going to be easy, especially on the …