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  • 30 January

    Mercury conjunct Pluto – in Capricorn

    What, you think I can’t see right through your miserable bull shit? You’re only kidding …

  • 29 January

    Moon in Libra

    The vibe draws focus on creating some harmony and peace through playing the great balancing …

  • 28 January

    Moon in Virgo

    The strong emphasis in Virgo now only highlights the tendency for the head to hijack …

  • 25 January

    Mars conjunct Juno – in Scorpio

    Things get a little hot for someone in the partnership this week, and with all …

  • 24 January

    Venus in Capricorn

    After that spellbindingly exciting roadtrip through Sagittarius, where hopes of good times and promises of …

  • 22 January

    Mars trine Neptune ~ Semi-square Venus

    Mars trine neptune, neptune mars astrology, neptune mars aspects, mars astrology

    MARS trine NEPTUNE, semi-square VENUS The male who is steeped in ignorance about the nature …

  • 16 January

    Mercury trine Jupiter

    Mercury rules the mind, mental development and communication. Vibrations coming from that planet help us …

  • 16 January

    Saturn on the Mercury/Mars midpoint

    It’s not that you’re not angry now. Not that you don’t want to just open …

  • 16 January

    Venus square Chiron

    When we do finally find joy, we want it to last forever, but then, when …

  • 11 January

    Moon in Leo

    Yes, you ARE special. And knowing you are special is very special indeed. Re-member, you …

  • 11 January

    Moon in Scorpio

    Everything seemed fine until “she” showed up here… [Keep a tight handle over those emotions. …

  • 11 January

    Mars in Scorpio

    Ok, let me just explain a little how this sometimes ruthless placement of combative Mars …

  • 11 January

    Venus square Neptune

    One thing about this now, in amongst all this intensity of all the other stellar …