Mars at 29° Scorpio

Mars at 29° Scorpio

Mars’ first bout in Scorpio in 2016 (Jan 3 – Mar 6) brought out the intensely brooding warrior, whose raw, venomous charge to vengefully assail (or else sulkishly retreat) was motivated by some deeply-rooted, most sophisticated emotions whose underlying triggers were not only difficult to identify, but impossible to directly challenge or avert.

Mars’ indomitable ferocity to have his way in this fixed, watery sign proved a difficult force for any contender. It seemed that once loaded with the ammunition of vexation and an interminable will to achieve a decisive strike, that his particular infliction was inscrutably ruthless, even unreasonably cruel, leaving a trail of hurtful but irrefutably effective ‘battle wounds’ in his wake of ‘successes’. We witnessed episodes where the rest of us had either purposely or (seemingly) haplessly pushed things too far and matters needed to be curtailed using some . . erm . . . terminal measures. Restitutions. Reprisals.

One thing is for sure, these are the forces of nature, and though painful, they are absolutely necessary for change. If you got stung, you were left assured that life would never be the same.

Anyway, Mars is about to change signs, so expect him to take out a few strategic targets on the way out the door.



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[Image: Timothy Olyphant in “Hitman” (2007)] PS. please don’t complain about the image – just deal with it (or kindly go away

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