Astrology of Now

January, 2021

  • 19 January

    Birth of a New Revolutionary Spirit – THE FORTNIGHT AHEAD (Jan 19-31) the prelude to the Leo Full Moon (Jan 28), we will see several planets come to lock horns through a series of challenging dynamic aspects to one another in the early degrees of fixed signs.

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  • 16 January


    ...with NEPTUNE squaring the NODES and in semisquare to MARS, JUPITER, SATURN and URANUS, everything you see isn't necessarily real - it's most likely a mirage. Everything you hear is an echo, a reverberation of ideas from another time.

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  • 15 January

    A Moment of Repose [No Bus Today]

    Beloved Tribe, Let us take this moment, in the light of the slightly tarnished Capricorn New Moon to address the residue of pollutants we have inherited from our past.

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  • 15 January


    The energy to successfully break through to the next level is there, just locked away or wasted through lack of direction. You can do this one step at a time.

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  • 12 January

    The Rebirth of the Sacred ‘Inner Parent’ – Capricorn New Moon at 23°13′ – January 13, 05:01 UTC

    On this Capricorn New Moon, a conjunction to the Hadean underworld ruler, Pluto, implies and conjures a moment of complete, cathartic metamorphosis. Our world must face its dark side and make the choice for a new life or death.

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  • 10 January

    NEPTUNE square the LUNAR NODES (exact Jan 26)

    Remember, when NEPTUNE squares the LUNAR NODES (Nov-Feb) we are all suffering the misfortune of being deceived and ultimately disappointed.

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  • 8 January

    Plutonic New Moon Cosmic Bus – Now Boarding

    The Capricorn lunation demands a sense of extreme responsibility, like the weight of the world is on our shoulders to get it right.

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  • 7 January

    MARS at 29°59′ ARIES

    After 6 whole months in his fiery domicile (Aries), MARS is now white-hot to take charge. If Machiavelli could see us now.

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  • 5 January

    MARS squares with SATURN (Jan. 13)

    By this time next week, the tone is completely bonkers. What's the opposite of peace?

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  • 4 January

    SATURN/JUPITER v URANUS 2021: Snapping point

    Almost immediately, 2021 manifests as a series of relentless upheavals. Social and political systems that have prevailed for centuries, now on the verge of sudden collapse, become replaced by uncertainty and disturbance.

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