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“MAKING ENDS MEET” – Mercury’s Retrograde, May/June 2022

Mercury turns retrograde in an air sign in all three instances this year, indicating that the dissemination of many ideas currently circulating requires critical rethinking and review. On each occasion, in January, May and October, our 'messenger god' dips back into an earth sign before turning direct into air again. Is Mercury trying to ground an idea before going ahead with it, or is he trying to bury it?

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JUPITER in ARIES (phase 1) (May 10- Oct 27)

JUPITER storms into Aries where, fanned by double fire through this constellation, he will wreak his self-styled quest for law and justice, sparing little or no mercy about what he feels is morally right. Regardless of where you stand, prepare to get into new territory, be it physically or intellectually or both...

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