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PLUTO square SUN/MERCURY (Superior Conjunction at 29°14′ Aries)

Remember, no big production necessary but, whatever happens, hold on to your sovereignty right now...

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COSMIC BUS #2116 – Revolution of Consciousness

The apple of discord has been cast. Strife and disobedience against systems of abuse, domination and outright neglect become, to many, the only recourse of the sovereign being in reclaiming one's true liberty.

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MARS trine JUPITER, semisquare URANUS

Major cracks are starting to show in the global Truman Schittshow formerly starring you and a growing cast of others.

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SUN conjunct ERIS: The Auspices of Strife & Discord

Oh Eris, Eris, let them spare us, from having Paris come in and compare us, we know too well how he might declare us "fittest, fairest" which will only just tear us...

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Pluto/Eris on the Nodes

Whilst things may look a little bleak and gloomy, it's important to not lose sight that there's a wonderful world awaiting us all over that horizon.

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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Aries New Moon at 22°♈25′, Apr 12, 2021, 02:31 UTC

This lunation is an urgent call to action for every self-aware individual - to step up and shine their light, however dim or bright, upon this darkness.

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Latest Horoscopes for the Cosmic Tribe

Empowering Horoscopes & Intentions for the Aries New Moon -12 April 2021 02:31 UTC

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COSMIC BUS #2115 – Call to Action: Warriors of the Light over the Scourge of Global Darkness

We are currently at war with darkness. That darkness is in equal parts inner as it is outer. We are at war with our pessimism and negativity, as well as our tendency to toxic optimism. Join us on the Cosmic Bus as we discuss the potency of Monday's ARIES NEW MOON, and our transition into a new light consciousness...

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PLUTO contacts the NODES

All human beings, at some point in their lives, encounter the crippling effects of guilt, suffering or death - life's tragic triad, which grips the ego into a state of paralysis and sends the individual into an existential crisis. When PLUTO makes contact with the NODES (Apr-Jul), we all share in the effects of such a crisis together with others.

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Remember, you ain't going to hear 'the truth' because you're not likely to accept just one story or stick with any one detail. You're most likely going to want to keep an open mind throughout all this.

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