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So, over the rainbow, MARS ENTERS AQUARIUS, imbuing us with a fiercely independent streak and the spirit to exert considerable force in defending our uniquely freaky chic...

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ROAM ALONE [Cosmic Bus Tomorrow]

We won't see Uranus enter Gemini until July 2025 - the first cracklings of a new paradigm consciousness, until then, this live wire will help Pluto do the archaic empire-demolishing business, progressively electrifying the whole earth and everything on it...

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Awakening Through the Uranus Retrograde Cycle

Ok, so if you can imagine where you were around May 12 of last year, minus the level of dumbness about what was about to happen in your life till now- that's where we're at again today, with Uranus just stationed direct at that exact same degree (19°05')...

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