Latest Updates for the Cosmic Tribe:

20 May 2022
Still staggering out of the energetic slump left by the SN LUNAR ECLIPSE at the start of the week, not helped at all by MARS transiting over NEPTUNE (wtf was...
13 May 2022
Do you feel antsy, edgy and restless and preoccupied with 'stuff'? Not sleeping properly? Feeling depressed and anxious?? Are your thoughts racing, emotions spiralling out of control? Do you tend...
12 May 2022
To Access All 12 Empowering Horoscope Messages for Each Sign of the Zodiac (Sun & Rising) Join the Cosmic Tribe (Cover Art by Aykut Aydogdu)
6 May 2022
JUPITER, at the critical degree of Pisces, shows us that without belief in a supremely unifying cosmic force there is only chaos, meaninglessness and confusion. While SATURN and PLUTO, now...

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