Latest Updates for the Cosmic Tribe:

22 January 2021
The Moon is a paradox, she appears unreliable in that her face is constantly changing. Yet, if we study her cycle, we can see that she is thoroughly predictable. At...
10 January 2021
Empowering Horoscope Messages for Each Sign of the Zodiac (Sun & Rising) (Cover Art by Kiyo Murakami)                        
8 January 2021
We've been saying all along that, wherever Pluto is involved, what we see on the surface is only a slither - a highly contrived, well-orchestrated snake-charming exercise. Much remains stealthily...
2 January 2021
202.0 --> 202.1 Think of the next 12 months as an attempt to upgrade the basic operating system, via means introduced to all humanity during the last 12 months. I...

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