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Latest Updates for the Cosmic Tribe:

18 May 2024
ON THIS COSMIC BUS EPISODE, we discuss next Thursday's Sadge Full Moon, the first of many lunations over the next 3-4 years to encompass the complex "Cradle" configuration forming between...
16 May 2024
[image: "The Edge of Oblivion", by Christopher Clark] You’re not one to take it lying down.Never have been.The stupid world expects you to play all nice and all,follow the magic...
7 May 2024
[image: Sarah Aha] Greetings Fellow Travellers, We live in arguably strange times—a period marked by sweeping technological revolutions and enlightening revelations so rapid and extensive that even the great Dickens...
5 May 2024
Empowering Horoscope Messages & Intentions Read both your Sun & Rising sign for a comprehensive review of the current influences around this lunation.Join the Cosmic Tribe for instant access to...


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