Latest Updates for the Cosmic Tribe:

20 November 2021
The Lunar eclipse, for those who managed to witness it with their naked eye, was indeed a spectacular phenomenon. The celestial forces of the Taurus Moon pulling away from the...
19 November 2021
To Access All 12 Empowering Horoscope Messages for Each Sign of the Zodiac (Sun & Rising) Join the Cosmic Tribe (Cover Art by Stuart Lippincott)          ...
16 November 2021
How important is it for you to be right? At what cost does the fanatical adherence to your beliefs outweigh the benefits of coexisting in a happier, more integrated, moderate...
15 November 2021
[art: Brian Kershisnik] When the North Node shifted into Gemini in May 2020, we were invited to come together, enter the discussion and try to see eye to eye. By...

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