Latest Updates for the Cosmic Tribe:

20 November 2020
As retrograde Neptune stations squarely across the Gemini/Sadge Nodal Axis, we enter the Eclipse Season which bookends 2020. It has been a phenomenal year, the SATURN/PLUTO conjunction has made linear...
13 November 2020
The complexity of this moment is perhaps beyond the scope of understanding of many ordinary folks. Such is the intricacy of our problem here that we can barely fathom how...
11 November 2020
Empowering Horoscope Messages for Each Sign of the Zodiac (Sun & Rising) (Cover Art by Karol Bak)                        
6 November 2020
Wtf just happened? Is this it? Is it finally over??Does this mean everyone can finally stop being so mean to one another again? Wishful thinking and real, tangible results may...

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