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Membership for angstoic.com

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 Level 1 – Free Newsletter Subscriber

This is a free-level membership with the website that pledges some ‘spiritual’ support in following Ang’s online work. Subscribe to receive the Fortnightly Lunation Newsletter right to your inbox and stay up-to-date about special deals and new offerings from Ang.

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Level 2 – Premium Member of the Cosmic Tribe

Premium membership to the Cosmic Tribe allows you

  • unlimited access to all astrology articles/horoscope messages on site.
  • invitation to join Ang’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ videos, live every week via Ang’s facebook page
  • full updates on unique ‘Astrology of Now’ and how it affects you
  • 20% discount on all private sessions with Ang. (see more on this here)

To join, please complete the following simple steps:

1. Register your name on our free monthly newsletter list here  …. then –

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3. Your login details will  immediately be sent (via email) to you after your payment has been received. (If not received immediately, please check your spam folder, then send a message to contactus@angstoic.com) 

**This is a recurring monthly instalment (USD$11.11 per month, until your cancellation). For just 33 cents a day, become a supportive member of a growing tribe of cosmic observers and get the most out of our universe’s ‘Cosmic Dance’.

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