Empowering Horoscope Messages for Capricorn
(Sun & Rising)

May 5, 2024

CAPRICORN: Taurus New Moon Reading

Excerpt: “any ‘free expression’ that you deeply resonate with, when expressed innovatively, can satisfy your need to leave a tangible, lasting impact. Experiment boldly now, for through these explorations, what you birth during this period…
May 5, 2024
April 22, 2024

CAPRICORN: Scorpio Full Moon Reading

Excerpt: “This configuration could bring unexpected opportunities or changes that may initially seem disruptive but could ultimately lead to significant personal growth and new creative paths. However, the challenge lies…
April 22, 2024
April 4, 2024

CAPRICORN: Aries Solar Eclipse Reading

Excerpt: “This introspection unfolds against a backdrop of personal and familial conflicts, steering towards a maturation that transitions from the illusion of omnipotence to the acceptance of emotional vulnerability. The…
April 4, 2024



  1. I have so felt all of this for a while now. Especially since January 6th, 2019. Sad it took, to me, a traumatic accident, for me to change my life and shift it to the life I was meant to have with no fear. Thank you, Ang, for you beautiful and exciting article! I am actually quite curious, to see how this whole Capricorn South Node biz is going to play out. Blessing Ang xxx

  2. Amazing!!!! You’re an angel Ang!!!!!!!

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