JUPITER/CHIRON: Healer of Faith

On March 12th, 2023, we will witness another significant astrological event: the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction at 14°26’Aries. Although the asteroid Chiron is not visible to the naked eye, this rare alignment has the potential to catalyse powerful healing and spiritual growth through the synergy of the expansive energy of Jupiter with the deep emotional healing power of Chiron.

As we prepare for this potent cosmic event, whether as healers, teachers or seekers of healing or coaching, we can use this time to reflect on the key themes presented here and cultivate a sense of self-compassion and empowerment in preparation for the immense healing potential of this conjunction.

[image: Lucy West, Acrylic on canvas]


The Chiron/Jupiter cycle is a 13-year journey which calls us to restore broken or misplaced faith. Traumas around trust sometimes leave us vulnerable and incapable of believing in ourselves. When these two celestial bodies come into aspect, a complex interaction occurs between the woundedness and sensitivity indicated by Chiron and the expansive, optimistic energy of Jupiter.

This dynamic can profoundly impact how we approach matters of belief, faith, hope and the ability to take chances and risks and make necessary sacrifices to heal or enlighten ourselves from the burdens of physical pain, emotional suffering or our vulnerability to moral injustice.

Bringing Chiron’s sensitivity into discussions concerning ethics and morality, law and religion, philosophy, and ways of living can lead to a more nuanced and robust dialogue that does not leave us feeling as fragile and worthless. By integrating Chiron’s deeply empathic transmissions, we open ourselves up to adding another dimension of understanding to Jupiter’s bold, passionate exuberance, making it more subtle and introspective.

This combination encourages us to examine the delicate balance between confidence and susceptibility, and to approach our convictions and ambitions with a touch of modesty and receptivity. In doing so, we can tap into the potential to delve into the depths of our psyche, obtaining a broader awareness of ourselves and how to better integrate with the environment in which we exist.


Zeus played a significant part in Chiron’s story in Greek mythology. As the story goes, Chiron was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow while teaching his student, the hero Achilles. Being immortal, the Centaur teacher was unable to die from the wound, thus suffering excruciating pain that he could not bear. Despite his vast knowledge of medicine and healing, Chiron could not heal himself, and his pain continued indefinitely.

Eventually, overcome with agony, Chiron asked Zeus to relieve him of his immortality and give it to Prometheus, who suffered eternal torment for stealing fire from the gods. Zeus granted Chiron’s wish, and the centaur died, finally freed from his pain.

This fascinating story illustrates the strengths and limitations of even the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals. It also portrays the benevolence and mercy of Zeus, who granted Chiron’s request and allowed him to find peace after his long-suffering—emphasising morality and faith by demonstrating that despite our vast knowledge, we may still be unable to solve our own problems or heal our own wounds. This also highlights the importance of having faith in a higher power or divine intervention to emancipate us from the sometimes cruel and punishing conditions of our mortality.

The myth also showcases the honourable duty and sacrifice of putting others before ourselves. It feels fitting that Chiron would choose to sacrifice his life for Prometheus, whose creation of the humans on earth was punished by Zeus for later bringing them fire and other comforts. It reveals that when we become aware of the eternal torment others may be enduring, we may choose to give up even our own mortal privileges and moral superiority to alleviate their suffering. As we discover, often painfully, leading a noble and virtuous life requires empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness.


The previous Jupiter-Chiron cycle commenced in 2009 in Aquarius and was also conjunct with Neptune three times in that year. It would launch humanity into a spiritual crusade for the new age, with teachers, healers, gurus and seekers using the latest technologies and innovative group-networking tools to explore new ways (like the use of social media platforms and worldwide workshops etc.) to share their healing philosophies and bring the shamanic arts to the people. They would reach millions.

The current cycle, commencing at 14º27′ Aries, will take us through to 2036, and in its course, it is imagined to give rise to an explosion of individual warriors out on the front lines, bringing salvation, pioneering new ways of reaching others, providing assistance and spiritual emancipation from the chastises of old beliefs and harmful, redundant attitudes.

Planetary cycles commencing in Aries initiate brave new beginnings, spark fresh ideas, and ignite our desire for action and getting results. Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, and its energy is spirited, impulsive, and daringly assertive.

The emerging Jupiter/Chiron cycle of 2023 manifests as a surge of visionary energy, a burst of inspiration to pursue our mission or ‘higher calling’ with a sense of restlessness and impatience, compelling us to take risks and make bold new moves. However, Aries energy can also be contentious and prone to lead us into conflict and war. Unless channelled constructively and mindfully, it can lead us recklessly into confrontation.

When Jupiter aligns with Chiron, our beliefs become intertwined with our deepest emotional wounds. In mid-Aries, these centre around asserting our truth, behaving ethically, and standing up for our beliefs. The impact of this aspect on us will depend on how we usually cope with emotional pain and how we utilise the healing energy of Chiron. If we have been working on healing the wounds that have resulted from being disregarded, sidelined, ignored and not taken seriously, this aspect can highlight our progress. However, if we have not addressed these issues, it can exacerbate them, leading to suffering in the form of feeling insulted, publicly disgraced, disgusted, demoralised, and harbouring resentment.

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Have you ever been told that you don’t qualify on the basis of certain criteria or qualities that are important to you, such as intelligence, talent, or competence? Have you ever been dismissed or diminished on trivial or superficial criteria, such as age, gender, race etc., failing to recognise your inherent depth and wisdom? If so, you may be familiar with the emotional pain of rejection that can arise from feeling unjustly invalidated or overlooked.

For those who become triggered by not having stood their ground in the past, the scenario can play out in several ways. They may rise to the occasion and defend themselves with remarkable knowledge and wisdom from any attack on their fundamental beliefs and truths. Alternatively, they may launch a holy war against those who have deceived or manipulated them into “sitting it out” on any topic they felt strongly about.

Conversely, if triggered into pessimism and self-doubt, they may withdraw from the situation altogether and avoid confrontation at all costs, choosing instead to self-implode or retreat into the eternal shame of having failed to assert themselves in the past. This can lead to a negative cycle of self-criticism and avoidance, which can be difficult to break.

Everyone has their unique triggers and responses, and there is no right or wrong way to react to the feeling of being disqualified. Furthermore, life is full of moments where we may genuinely not be ready to meet specific criteria or expectations or where we fall short of our own goals and aspirations. Learning how to deal with hurtful setbacks and rejections is a natural part of our growth and development. Instead of allowing them to define us or restrict our potential, we can use these experiences as chances to learn, reflect, and grow.

Empowerment starts with acknowledging that standing up for oneself is a skill that can be honed over time. It’s never too late to begin the journey of assertiveness and equipping oneself to handle life’s curveballs. Under Aries – the natural champion of the underdog – spirits are ignited to seek support from trusted friends or professionals who can coach us to overcome the emotional pain and patterns of behaviour associated with feeling invalidated or overlooked.

As we navigate this journey, the influence of Jupiter upon Chiron can either help us heal the world by showing them the ‘right’ way or intensify our emotional pain into utter moral indignation for being sidelined or deceived. Chiron here acts as the emissary for Jupiter’s mercy and benevolence, and we either find or become the very person who can guide us on the path of the Shambhala warrior, embodying strength and wisdom as we learn to stand up for ourselves and others.


This Aries-borne cycle can be better understood within the context of the Shambhala Warrior vision, which, over the coming years, emphasises the development of inner strength and wisdom as a means to help, uplift society and create a more enlightened world.

The Shambhala Warrior vision originated in ancient Tibetan Buddhism and has been adapted for modern times by the founder of Shambhala International, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The 1,200-year-old Tibetan Buddhist prophecy of the Shambhala Warrior describes a time when the world is in danger of being controlled by dark forces whose power is administered using weapons and technology that could destroy all life on Earth. The prophecy tells of the emergence of the kingdom of Shambhala, not as a physical place but as a state of being in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala warriors.

These warriors, who wear no uniform or armour, belong to no particular religion, nation, or territory, wage war upon these dark forces, disarming the weapons that put the world in peril. Their training involves mastering two crucial weapons: compassion and insight. Compassion is the driving force behind their will to assert themselves, taking action on behalf of all beings, while insight allows them to recognise the interconnectedness of all life.

The Shambhala Warrior recognises that the battle is not between good and evil people, as the line of distinction between good and evil runs through every human heart. They know their training is crucial and understand that insight alone can seem too cool and detached to keep them going. So they need the warmth of compassion, their openness to the world’s pain, to sustain them. To be a true warrior, one must possess both compassion and insight, for both are necessary tools to fight for the survival of all life on Earth.


The dynamic Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Aries offers a powerful opportunity for individuals to develop the skills to assert their insights more compassionately, becoming Shambhala warriors in their own right. As emissaries of Jupiter, we can seek to heal the world by teaching others the importance of these tools. Chiron’s influence reminds us that our own emotional pain, our shame and rejection can be transformed into moral courage, motivating us to take action in dismantling the dark weapons of the human mind that, as Pluto enters Aquarius, threaten the future of all beings.

Here, Chiron and Jupiter act as counterweights, with Chiron balancing the overblown tendencies of Jupiter’s expansiveness. This means that the conjunction may balance grandiose aspirations with the reality of our earthly limitations. This balance can guide us along the path of what the Buddha called the ‘Middle Way’ towards healing and enlightenment. For those prone to excess and fanaticism, this conjunction may bring out opportunities to moderate their tendencies towards extremism and messianic complexes, both in their personal lives and society’s greater concerns.

In the worst case, where individuals have become so intoxicated with their own self-importance during the sacred crusade that they become blinded by success, this could mean a fall from grace, or a catastrophic failure of their endeavours. Sometimes that is necessary, and nature’s way of sparing the rest of us from their unchecked megalomania. The importance of remaining grounded and mindful of the potential for hubris during this time cannot be overstated. The wise warrior must remember that true growth and healing come not from grandiose aspirations or the desire for self-glorification but from a genuine commitment to the path of personal development and tending to the well-being of all life.

By improving our skills of assertiveness in combination with compassion and insight, we can become effective warriors in this battle against darkness. We can stand against lethargy, laziness, indolence and apathy, stand up for ourselves and others, while also recognising the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of treating others with kindness and empathy. In doing so, we can contribute to the growth and healing of the world and pave the way for a more compassionate and just future.

Harnessing JUPITER/CHIRON for Personal Growth and Healing:

Those most impacted by this conjunction and other Chiron-Jupiter contacts may experience some extraordinary saving grace which crops up in our lives just when all seems lost. This may coincide with an astonishing ability to bounce back from an illness, personal tragedy, or crisis of faith. However, if we have pushed things too far through excess and arrogance, the pitfalls can be deadly. Let us embrace the power of self-confidence and assertiveness, knowing that setbacks and rejections are natural parts of growth and development. With the right inspiration, time and practice, we can become the champions of our own lives, making our mark on the world with courage and conviction.

By integrating the energies of Jupiter and Chiron, we can access profound levels of understanding and healing that enable us to navigate an evolving reality with greater clarity and purpose. This conjunction coincides with Saturn’s entry into Pisces, allowing us to identify areas where individuals still struggle with setting and upholding healthy boundaries, succumbing to victimhood, martyrdom, and self-limitation. By cultivating how to better assert ourselves with wisdom and compassion, we can fight against the forces of darkness, transcend these limitations and contribute to a more enlightened society.

*Professions or jobs that may typify the Chiron/Jupiter aspect can include roles that involve teaching, coaching, mentoring, or guiding others towards personal growth and success. This aspect can also suggest careers in psychology, counselling, therapy, or social work, where individuals can use their knowledge and expertise to help others heal and overcome their challenges. Additionally, this aspect may be well-suited to careers in fields such as law, politics, or journalism, where individuals can advocate for justice, truth, and fairness on a larger scale. People with this aspect may also excel in entrepreneurship or business, where their optimism, risk-taking, and ability to inspire and motivate others can lead to success.