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Judgement Day – NEW MOON at 23°54′ LIBRA: Fri Oct 16, 2020

The closest Supermoon of 2020 also sees Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants experiencing the most intense time. In the late degrees of Libra, this New Moon intention is to restore (or create) harmony and balance into our highlighted affairs. However, it appears that there are distant, overwhelming forces weighing heavily against our efforts to make peace.

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Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

One thing about humans is that their lives are filled with stories. We think in stories rather than facts, data, numbers and equations because stories are soothing to our soul and embellish our otherwise cruel and mundane existence on this physical plane.

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SATURN RETROGRADE: How much does it matter?

And so it is... the Lord of karma, gravity and this dense, physically-defined exterior universe will occasionally slow down, come to complete standstill, then appear to slowly retrace the heavy footsteps traversed in the 6 - 7 zodiac degrees of the previous four months.

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Sun in Aquarius

sun in aquarius, aquarius rising, aquarius astrology

SUN = Self-expression (authority) FIXED = By holding (organisational) AIR = Intellectually (mental) ‘To express …

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Pluto’s association with narcissistic personalities is undeniable. The charming, magnetic persona; the ruthless, raging drive …

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