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MERCURY/PLUTO: Mental Persuasion, Propaganda and Mind Control

Mercury at 24°20' Libra is now square to Pluto (24°♑19'℞) and opposite Eris (24°♈23'℞). An intense struggle forms at the most far-reaching aspects of our unconscious minds - how our thoughts and ideas are being subtly penetrated, surreptitiously distorted, suppressed and deliberately used against us for politically or socioeconomically strategic purposes if only to further exclude or disqualify us from the centre of our own, autonomous playing field...

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Sun in Aquarius

SUN = Self-expression (authority) FIXED = By holding (organisational) AIR = Intellectually (mental) ‘To express …

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Pluto’s association with narcissistic personalities is undeniable. The charming, magnetic persona; the ruthless, raging drive …

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