THE SUN/URANUS RESET: “I Know What’s Best – Just Ask Me”

[image: Minh Tran Helios]

In the midst of a flurry of current Geocosmic activities, including the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, New Moon and potent solar storms, we approach a wildly electrifying conjunction of the Taurus Sun meeting Uranus at 23°♉06′. This celestial rendezvous heralds a period where the choice between freedom and security becomes not just a philosophical question or ideal but a lived reality.

Given the choice between freedom and security, most people will take the latter every time. This is human society’s most fundamental tension, only made more glaring during the recent COVID fundemic. Sure, the desire for freedom is a powerfully integral human motivator—we all demand it—but when chaos ensues, the instinct for safety and security often supersedes any intuitive rebel hippy “fuck y’all”-type instincts. 


This tendency is particularly pronounced for those over the age of 42, a pivotal age when Uranus completes half a revolution around the zodiac, marking the mid-life crisis. By this time, most individuals often carry significant life experiences, including having settled into distinguishing career advancements, familial responsibilities, and financial commitments, which heighten the desire for stability and security. Health concerns become more pressing, as evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic when older adults felt more vulnerable to the fear of non-compliance, leading them to favour protective measures. Additionally, cultural and generational differences shape a more conservative outlook towards change. Financial security becomes paramount, with a focus on securing retirement savings, making stability and predictability more attractive. Significant psychological shifts also occur, prioritising emotional well-being and security over new experiences and freedoms. This combination of factors drives those over 42 to support security measures, even at the expense of personal liberties, which demonstrates a deep-seated preference for stability as Uranus’s half-cycle brings profound self-reflection and re-evaluation of life priorities.


During the Uranus in Taurus years (2019-26), we’ve seen this tension play out vividly, from individual choices to governmental policies. With Uranus in its fall in Taurus, there’s a gravitational pull towards accepting drastic restrictions on freedoms in exchange for perceived security. This has manifested in people enduring uncomfortable or even dangerous circumstances, accepting welfare subsidies, complying with increased surveillance, and adopting prophylactic masks, extreme lockdowns, and curfews. Furthermore, vaccination mandates, QR code tracking, and digital passport systems have been introduced, emphasising a societal shift towards prioritising conservation, predictability, and authoritarian protection against threats like crime, terrorism, disease, poverty, or hunger. Seems like a wise choice, right?

The willingness to wage violence or persecution against those perceived as irreverent ‘rebel’ types further illustrates this point, especially when such draconian measures promise some semblance of security. Reflect on the last time Uranus was in Taurus (1934-42) to understand the depths of this societal trade-off. During this period, the world witnessed the rise of totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, which imposed severe restrictions on personal freedoms in the name of national security and order. World War II saw widespread violence and persecution, including the Holocaust, where millions were systematically exterminated. Governments implemented intense surveillance, censorship, and curtailed civil liberties, demonstrating the extreme lengths societies will go to maintain perceived stability and security.

This wholesale trade-off is deeply ingrained in our collective psyche and bio-societal structures. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, it starkly illustrates that, where Taurus is concerned, as much as we value our “freedom,” the safety of a sure thing often comes first and is typically identified as a type of freedom itself.


As we witness the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, expect a burst of practical innovations that balance the ideals of freedom and security. This comes at a tempestuous moment in the history of human consciousness, which could be a turning point, where the interplay of revolutionary energy and Taurus’s desire for stability brings forth tangible changes in how we handle our societal structures. Watch what develops at this time; the choices and intentions formed here, either ingeniously constructive or destructive could significantly shape our future.

[image: Scott Storvik]

The urge to come into your own individual uniqueness – to suddenly break away from everything known before, to stand alone, and to consciously experience this with a confidence that is foreign even to yourself – will be strong. This is the irrepressible force to take a revolutionary stance, tempered by Taurus’s grounded nature.

Notice how you feel totally disengaged from what other people think of you and the dark powers that stand to affect you. It is a profound moment of total, uncompromised self-awareness, yet grounded in Taurus’s practicality and need for security.

Realise the importance of living your completeness as an original, free-spirited, highly-charged particle whose only commitment is to expressing yourself as an utterly unique manifestation of Spiritual Light. This period allows for revolutionary self-expression that is also deeply rooted in the stability and security Taurus craves.

Nothing stands between you and the revelation of something positively vital – the unexpected revelation of the true meaning of life. Welcome this moment where your individual uniqueness can coexist with a stable foundation, creating a powerful, balanced force for change.

See it. Be it.

You’re not one to take it lying down.
Never have been.
The stupid world expects you to play all nice and all,
follow the magic footsteps laid out by parents,
and teachers, preachers, those measly politician leechers,
but every fibre of your soul screams out against their cruel control.
And you’re not disagreeing; you’re at war—a passionate, rebellious soul, just railing against anyone who tries to hold you down and put you in a hole.
It isn’t anger, no, not really; it’s just your instinct to live freely, an existential burst to keep that special thing in you from being smothered; snuffed out by the droll banality of their tyrannical efforts to coerce and cajole.
They’ll say you’re seeking ‘freedom’ from it all, but what does that even mean?
Is it a sleepy, obscure retirement in a quiet, leafy suburb and a white picket fence? writing your memoirs…
or is the thrill of the yet unknown, the uncharted, the unabashedly risky?
Or is it about making provocative life choices that get your pulse racing, leave your nose bleeding, busting out of tired-old karmic grooves worn deep by generations before you?
And is that really even possible??
Life’s been a series of upheavals lately, sure.
Tense moments where you don’t feel right, want out the door,
and if you don’t get out, let off the steam in time,
you’re sure to burst out at the seams like some old teapot on a hot stove, whistling louder and louder—not Dixie tunes and all the like, but raising loudly the alarm; giving off warnings that the slightest whiff of confinement, chastisement, or attempt to shut you down, you’re right to flip your lid, looking for the exit door, the nearest back alley, beeline to the dirt road no one ever goes.
The thing about this path, you see,
it’s about as lonely as can be.
Sure, being a badass rogue,
shredding up the rule book,
blowing their embassy apart,
and going all hell-for-leather like a fugitive
looks slick and cool in storybooks and net flicks,
but living it really is the pits.
Every step away from the crowd is a step further into the cold and lifeless void of the abyss.
And every relationship formed in your rebel-runaway mode is a bonafide minefield; know this.
Sure, you may cherish your independence fiercely
but scarcely will you see the value of the ties
that you abruptly sever till they’re long gone,
and with them, any morsel of you
that might have mattered after all.
And what of love, I hear you ask?
If it can survive in this turmoil-ridden heart of yours,
is gonna be in for a rough ride, buckaroo.
You may pine for heady romance and the big thrills of the frontier,
some other wild heart to match your spasmodic beats,
But once the normalcy sets in and the daily grind start
The friction quickly eats at you and tears it all apart.
You’re a tempest, a full-born storm in human form,
and not everyone’s built to endure your so-called “weird art”.
You demand the absolute freedom to be yourself, completely,
without compromise, no constraints, but forget to offer the same ticket to those sharing your bed, your life—in that, you often just wield one-sided obstinacy and strife.
What’s it all for, I hear you say?
Surprised you’re still here reading it, really(!):
This constant push against the tide,
this relentless pursuit of a “freedom”,
seems more about you running away
than ever getting anywhere at all
—you’ve got to find balance, kid,
a way to weave through the chaos without becoming chaos yourself;
you’ve got to care for another as fiercely as you defend your right to be you.
As the Sun kisses Uranus, feel the shift in the air,
as the earth beneath your feet feels a bit unsteady,
and your whole world seems on the precipice of a collapse,
remember, this journey’s not just about pushing limits or breaking free, no not at all.
It’s about finding what lights you up and where you truly belong in the great cosmic sprawl.
It’s about turning that relentless electrical solar energy into something that doesn’t just defy but defines.
We often forget, deny or completely ignore the cosmic fold,
but maybe it’s about building something new, not just tearing down the old;
or maybe it’s about finding a cause that’s truly worth the fight,
a bond that can endure your solar storms—a path that lets you walk both alone and together—in love and light.
So, in your quandary now, as you gaze up at the stars tonight,
think about what you’re really railing and rebelling against.
Maybe it’s not the world holding you back, sunshine,
but the fear that you might actually have something to lose.
The universe ain’t just chaos, rocks and dust, you know;
sometimes, it’s the map to your own story, waiting to be read.
Now go on, read it

As with every planetary conjunction, this is the perfect time to set an intention. Coinciding with the recent NEW MOON and JUPITER/URANUS in Taurus, this is the most effective guidance I can offer to navigate these times. Release your fear and insecurity and commit to reinventing your future sense of stability and permanence with these intentions. You matter, your intentions are powerful, and you deserve adequate protection. Use these tools to positively impact your life and make a significant difference.

Decipher the profound wisdom of the universe with Ang Stoic, master interpreter of the stars. Learn how to use celestial insights to navigate life’s highs and lows with clarity and purpose. Join today and embark on a transformative cosmic experience.

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