Final Week of May 2015 – Prelude to Alchemy

This last few days has seen all kinds of tightening crises, particularly on the personal front. After the conflicts brought on by the hard rectangle, the transiting Sun/Venus semi-square (irksome expression of affection) has been creating more dramatic twists and turns, not only in our closest relationships but also in our individual relation to the world at large. Instances of definitive moments in making important choices have pounded across from soul to soul so intensely and so powerfully that they now begin to threaten the formation of a much more permanent notion about what the future might hold in store for us here on planet earth.

That’s pretty big talk, but what exactly does it mean?

The Sun/Venus semi-square has literally sliced through the separating Uranus/Pluto square, triggering new developments in the ‘neo-cosmic awakening shift’ alignment. This is an alignment whose potent revolutionary midpoint happens to now be crossed by a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. A serious earth-grind is going on underfoot. Traditional belief systems are seriously facing a near fatal collapse in the process of a complete global transmutation.

Sun/Venus only wants to be loved and appreciated. With such a heavy pass through that bunch of excruciatingly stressful planets this ‘love and affirmation’ is either going to come with a mindset of an unconditional acceptance or it is going to badger and harangue upon us until it till it reaches breaking point. Those progressive individuals (or societies) who are most accepting of contemporary values – those gracefully evolved humans, will have an easier time of this revolutionary shift from this week on. Others, who wallow deeply in denial, suppressed and insecure about their position will continue to become crippled and subdued by their own self-imposed darkness. Either way choices will be made.

The semi-square combination of Sun/Venus remains super-tight for the next four weeks. In Gemini/Cancer, there is a great unravelling of all things personally satisfying and securing. People, places and things are either drawing us closer in agreeance by their similar beliefs or slowly becoming painfully more disturbing and distant as we come to realise that we may never really agree on their rigid and unsatisfactory terms ever again.

Mentally and emotionally, their whole value system seems to be entrapping them with a sustained dynamic failure to derive appreciation and gratification because they have their hearts wrapped around a bunch of expectations which appear no longer feasible to satisfy. Understanding that the powerful magnetic forces that once held things together have all but fallen away, there is an increasing absence of any emotional obligation to adhere to any senseless or superstitiously held moral agreements. It is therefore like we are awakening to the fact that we have been psychologically brainwashed by the controlling devices of some cult-like movement.

The cult of consumerism, corporatism, of two-party politics, of monarchy, of church and state, of real-estate, of national identity and its well-protected borders, the cult of organised religion and its divisive doctrines, of socially defined marriage, of the oil and coal trade and their sovereign protection, of world bankers and the stock exchange, the cult of pharmacy as a mainstream treatment to all ills, and most of all… the toxic cult of sentimentality. Can you imagine any of this ever going away? And yet…

The ensuing run of Sun/Venus through the whole of June, disgruntled now about having to contact the Rx Mercury/Neptune square this week seems anticipated with a sense of dreamy wishfulness. People are either lining up the vodka, the prozac, the multi-delusional squirm for a dream that may only come true if the lottery numbers happen to miraculously align, or they are taking full flight into a whole-hearted embrace of a higher multi-dimensional experience (with or without ayahuasca). Either way, simultaneously, the amount of sensitivity about to engulf this planet by mid-week is epic, with both Mars then Mercury squaring the ultra-sensitising Neptune.

Trying and keep a low key here as misunderstandings run rife and feelings become easily bruised will be a real test of our capacity to show forgiveness, compassion and good, old-fashioned human kindness. Not uncommon will be temptations to make a deluded run for the medicine cabinet, just to numb the pain of feeling victim to the harsh and cutting words and seemingly heartless actions that may fly about, often inadvertently but all the same quite possibly very irrevocably damaging.

But that shouldn’t affect anyone here, right? We all know those things are only going to hinder and delay healing the crisis rather than facilitate its completion. It’s about letting go of those things (ideas) we hold most precious, as hurtful as it is to come to terms that they no longer serve you.

With all this touchiness about, the third-dimensional Saturn grind is beginning to sense increasing pressure. As more and more people are resonating with the more immediately accessible, less committal Uranus mode, a blast of positive liberation is starting to filter through into our stratosphere.

Uranus is entirely concerned with the here/now. Whilst in the past the ‘establishment’ of Saturn regarded Uranus as a very disruptive and rebellious force, at times like this it appears to be the only true antidote for the madness that is developing in those trying to desperately to hold the ‘old world’ paradigms together (observe the frustration around the recent earthquake zones, for example). The agreements between us that used to hold the whole thing together are all but gone. We are only going through the motions of ‘structure’ but increasingly less bound by it as we start to figure that there is really not much we can do but get with this moment and start afresh… ultimately, not much can be salvaged once the beliefs that held it all together dissipate into the ether.

Things are going to get much more desperate for the ‘establishment’ of course. As time starts to play tricks on us by seeming to slow right down for a while, and people start to find ways to short-circuit the guilt and other outward pressures to stay “in line”, effectively escaping the whole drudgery that many others seem to be stuck in, the alchemy starts to occur.

Saturn’s move closer to Pluto (semisquare) means two things. On one hand the massive breakdown of the restrictive paradigms is starting to happen in applied order. On the other, the desperate establishment is marching steadier and steadier (goosestep-style) towards a fundamentalist, totalitarian method of trying to hold it all together. Of course, whilst this pressure tries horribly to clench us into some submissive state of forced transformation of its own design, it will only precipitate into an uncontrollable madness that for many is inevitable. Those who finally come to feel that the ongoing coercion to stay ‘dumb and pliant’ by force will snap and revolt like crazy. The truth as some of us already see it is that any externally applied force is clearly exhausting and patently unsustainable. And besides which, we are just running out of energy and resources to keep this charade up.

In the spiritual underbelly of the planet, so many things are changing, in forms and ways one would have thought impossible.

But what changes? Does everybody see them?

The truth is not obvious

It is no secret that things have becoming increasingly uncomfortable since the final instalment of the “shift” back in March. In many ways everyone is feeling something. A strange sense of foreboding. Whilst those who see things clearly will begin to sense an overwhelming sense of individual empowerment rising in their field of consciousness, many will fail to adopt the obvious awakenings from this and will want to remain clinging to others more powerful like a patriarchal figure or state. For the sake of convenience many will either remain asleep, or at least try very hard to go back into slumber, even though the sleeplessness and anxiety are already almost driving them mad.

As an ‘awakened’ member of your society, you may argue with them that the genie is out of the bottle and there’s no turning a blind eye to the whole charade of ‘organised disempowerment’, that there’s no going back to ignorance etc. etc. But they will refuse to listen, and if they do, they certainly won’t get it. The immediate backlash will be either a denial or ignorance from those whose entire security is vested in the archaic structure that holds all their investments. They will grumble, scoff and ridicule against your entire argument. They may dismiss you or hold you in apprehensive fear, treat you like some ‘communist’ or ‘fruit-cake conspiracy theorist’ with wild ideas. If you go too far, they might mark you down as a suspected enemy of the state or even terrorist threat (don’t even go there).

The thing is, you need to get some perspective on what you are trying to achieve all on your own. It can be quite a frustrating, vexing, and ultimately quite isolating predicament for you. If nothing, it will become divisive.

We did however say from the very beginning of this year that this was going to be a year of great divergence between us.

This week kinda marks the final line in the sand. All this Neptune activity, especially to the inner, more personal planets indicates a major sensitivity to all terrestrial matters. Misunderstandings, confusion, gossip, suspicion reach crisis point. People really become so highly touchy the ‘nonsense’ can no longer stand any more. Many start to find avenues to escape from the awful confusing mess. Others chose to evade confrontation by staying in some suspended dream-state (the usual means of escape – booze, pills, work, sex, etc will be one way). Either way this could feel a bit like being left out to sea.

Very few will reach a highly conscious place and begin to resonate with the state of illuminated consciousness that we are all somehow in this together. Yet, in spite of the clarity that many are stuck in the darkness, they will struggle to make them see.

Herein lies this week’s message:

Don’t bother pushing it.

Either people will see or they will not. You cannot force others into a spiritual awakening. They will only get it in their own time (if ever). The best thing to do now is to resign from the fight that you can press others into a crisis they are not ready for.

Let it be. Walk away from the dead and go and find the living. Leave those who are stuck. Leave them hanging on to their tiny blue security blanket. Whilst there’s still some milk left, let the baby suck on its bottle. This doesn’t mean literally/physically abandon those we love, it just means don’t stress about it. This is what compassion, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional understanding is all about. If you think you’re truly spiritual, then the real test is how well you can tolerate those who are not only stuck in the lower dimensions, but hellbent on dragging you down there too.

Try it with your own family.

Of course, things will become tougher if you stick around, so if you find things become physically unworkable, then you may need to split for real (if you have not done so already).

Save yourself. Walk away. Go now and join others who are on the same wavelength as you. If you truly dare, start to create the alternative world that you wish to see for yourself. It may be tough in the beginning, but the resources are there – provided that you don’t fall into the same trap of trying too hard to get more than enough. The new world is not focused on fears around physical insecurities. A truly compassionate world always provides just enough, just in time, just in the right measure.

Of course getting there is going to take an enormously revolutionary motion.

Fastest way to get ‘there’:

1) Come to the present moment,

2) Become grounded,

3) Make a decision,

4) Follow through with appropriate action,

5) Achieve a result.

Have a great week.

For Johanna and Ariel (big thanks)

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  1. Aimee/Tashi Chodron

    Love this piece of your mind. So in sync with my life since 2008. What do you mean with ‘this toxic cult of sentimentality’? Mind, I watch precious little tv and don’t read much literature/novels these days. Thank you for sharing, much love, Aimee

    • Hi Aimee/Tashi. Sentimentality, where crude emotion sadly replaces dispassionate analysis, affects all aspects of public life, such as the debates over economic reform, welfare, drug addiction, marriage, education, prison places and overseas aid. Sadly, No country has ever transcended poverty via international aid, but that’s ok, since what actually matters is not that we’re doing anything about state education or crime or Africa, but as long as in the Western World we are being seen to be caring about the ‘vulnerable’, than that’s ok. Letting our bleeding hearts become the moral compass without using some sense to assess the situation logically has us tuning into manipulating media reports that seek to wrench our emotions about something or someone that is being demonised by the press. Becoming enraged, rather than engaging in public debate is unhealthy and ultimately does nothing but perpetuate the problems of society… this ‘cult’ or ‘culture’ has to die before we are to press forward and evolve as a species.

  2. Powerful words, Ang. And so much easier said than done, especially when it comes to family. Yet it’s my current ‘weekly life script’, synchronistic in every aspect and slightly eerie. in a not so scary way.

    Astrology is so amazing!! But I’m taking your advice and allowing those ‘others’ to discover it themselves, No more crazy talk from chemtrail woman, hahaha 🙂

  3. Wow…your post seems almost verbatim the crazy thoughts that I cannot seem to turn off. I mean that they are my true and deep thoughts but would be deemed crazy if I actually expressed these. I have reached the point of wondering how I lovingly disconnect from my family whom I love with every fibre of my being. In staying put in the status quo or harnessed by the family ties or not having to fight my doubts, I know I can float through a few more months or years or decades and then, finally, it will be over!! But is this even acceptable? In the very core of my soul, I really know there is a higher purpose that I can’t seem to convince others (most people can barely recall their childhood much less recall how their life had been shaped at a very early age to be aware, to be given gifts, to be able to observe the world from a very different angle and so on)….therefore it is a sacrificial decision when choosing to let go of family or settle for that forever unfilling life of status quo slavery that is the rule/expectation of western life!