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MARS/CHIRON: Healing the Wounded Masculine

The current MARS/CHIRON cycle begins at 28°♓05′ from December 29, 2018-July 14, 2020. This will be the fifth and final cycle to begin in Pisces – a series which began in Jan 2011, and is now set to become the healing touchstone of a specific kind of issue around the masculine, assertiveness and order.

If you have ever harboured feelings of shame or ignominy for not having acted more immediately to defend yourself in the face of threat, or are suffering guilt or disgrace for having acted in ways which may have been seen as abjectly “reprehensible” towards others, then this cycle promises to bring opportunities for release and salvation, perhaps restore your organism to a healthier balance. Being the final cycle in this constellation, it promises to go out with a healing bang.

Chiron’s job is to assuage our pain by clearing away toxic emotional baggage from past experiences. His app. 50-year cycle means that these are often tied into our family history or DNA. Particularly during the stressful phases of its transit, the planetoid helps bring old wound-stories stories to the surface, often as physical ailments which may be lying dormant in the emotional body. Painful instances such as those tied to illness, disorder, disfigurement or disease can force the individual into an inner crisis, precipitating an awakening of latent emotions, and through rite of passage forge new energetic pathways of healing.

Mars is the ego-defence mechanism that triggers the fight-or-flight responses in the individual. It is there to assist in maintaining our boundaries and to energise us into action in situations where our competency or resistance to invasion is necessary. Without Mars, we might just cower and submit, our will become usurped by a more dominant force. Hence it is absolutely necessary for every organism’s survival to put up some kind of a fight, or at least run away to “fight another day”.

The conjunction of Mars to Chiron heralds the beginning of a brand new journey of exploration into body-stored memories where in the past we had failed to assert ourselves, or where our rise to action was stunned – humiliated or wounded by force. Mars tends to be at his most evasive in Pisces, preferring to recede or disengage, quit or wait forever, preferring rather to suffer a victimhood, or sacrifice his individual self for a higher (or lower, fear-based) cause. When we do something in a weak, sly, retiring, cowardly, sycophantic, disingenuous way, or when we give ourselves up something for the sake of an ideal, for ‘god’s will’, or for altruistic reasons – there’s Mars working in ‘mysterious’, yet uncharacteristically indirect ways. Contact to Chiron suggests that these motives are either going to add harm, shame, and dishonour, or some kind of trauma to the mix, which if not immediately reconciled or properly treated, could be stored in the body’s parasympathetic system and build up into all kinds of weird inflammatory behaviour.

As a result of untreated wounds to our divine masculine system, we go on learning to cope by becoming  angrily submissive, indifferent, passive-aggressive, even resentful and subversive with those who show dominance or supreme competency over us. Whilst these are simply coping mechanisms, they none-the-less send the individual into a victim mode, which cauliflowers into complex psycho-sexual behaviours, often passed on from generation to generation.

In the modern age of ‘alternative healing’, Chiron transits seem to be delivering exponentially greater degrees of insight and information about our age-old wounds. At each turn of this roughly 18-24 month MA/CH cycle, we go through critical stages of awareness of such wounds, summoning the courage to stand up to the world that we felt has ‘beaten us’ into a state of inertia and lameness.

For example, by the time the last MA/CH cycle, which began in Jan 2017, had reached its full culmination (opposition in Sep 2017) the world had erupted into a full-blown movement against workplace/domestic harassment known as the #MeToo movement. In that cycle one would observe that significant relationships, which had commenced around the beginning of that year (MA/CH conjunction), would give impetus to later become the final straw for all those who still carried latent wounds about “not acting” when/as they “should” have in the face of dominance over their character.

Conditioning the wound

Spaced repetition of any action or instruction sets the neural pathways in our brain to follow a particular order of activity. This is what turns certain behaviours in our experience seem like second nature – our language, our taste in foods, cultural interests, learned activities and daily routines (riding a bike, playing a musical instrument etc). The more you practice or are exposed to something, the more you get “good” at it. This is how habits are formed. Observe what happens when your habits are “bad”, or self-destructive.

What generally happens as a result of harmful or denigrating cultural afflictions, learned over time?

What happens to our belief systems when we are repeatedly conditioned with messages that affect the peace, well-being and happiness of some, or all, of our relationships?

Of course, many practices in our cultures simply expose us to programming, or instructions, that are toxic or destructive to those whose individual strength and autonomy is most vulnerable to being invaded or compromised?

Healing the wounded masculine means addressing these sabotaging activities, identifying their archetypal influence and removing them from the collective memory. This is not an easy task. In some ways, it means that we need to deprogram the human mind from connecting to stories that are patently destructive.

The culture of emotional abuse

It is important that we consider all the harm that has been collectively inflicted upon the divine masculine archetype. It is time to understand the terrible emotional trauma that has been committed against it and to recognise how this damage has subsequently been passed on, generation to generation, as emotionally abusive conduct. These personally distorted streams of perverted aggressive energy conflate into a mainstream river of violence, striking against a truly authentic expression of divine masculinity.

Men have often had to perform society’s “dirty work.” Out of necessity, they have learned to shut down, or kill off, their natural sense of compassion in order to compete in the workplace, or wage wars against the enemy, commit terrible atrocities for the sake of survival.

However, men were not designed to be mean, uncaring, and heartless monsters by nature. They have only developed this ability as a defence mechanism against the apparent cruelty that has been conditioned into them by their respective fear-based societies.

Unfortunately, once a human becomes disconnected from his heart, he becomes gradually more difficult to un-become apathetic or cruel. He finds it difficult to re-associate to his emotions, to reconnect with his feeling body and become a coherent individual again.

The repression of kindness

Much of the wounding experienced in today’s masculine is a residual side-effect of a cumulative cultural fear. Over the centuries of conditioning, this has developed into a callousness in expressing the natural sensitivity and kindness. It is this repressed emotionality of the stereotypical male, seen as a sign of weakness, a vulnerability in his gender, identified as “unmanly”, “effeminate” or “sissy” simply for showing up in a heart-centred and healthy expression of human tenderness and compassion. Shame or ridicule is a cutting force upon the psyche that forces the flow of any natural traits to become silently suppressed. Certain pathways from the heart to the nervous system become limited or shut off.

When a man feels continually constrained to denying and repressing his true nature just so he can uphold an expected gender role in his society, eventually it becomes part of his conditioning. Hence, any inherent traits of compassion and caring remain hidden from others, lest their secret shame be exposed and revealed as seen as being seen as horribly weak, pathetic, and inadequate assertions of masculinity.

It’s no wonder that in today’s twisted social reality, we have created the great masculine aberration: inappropriate rage, resentment, and bitter loathing, directed both towards others and the self. Naturally, this is seen in both men and women who still carry the wounds to their masculine archetype.

Boys are raised to become soldiers (somebody’s instrument of war), not warriors (where they stand up for what is virtuous and true). We march them off to war or send them to police laws that intuitively go against the peace and well-being of fellow men.

We are all equal.
But we are not the same.
Many of us resonate with kindness and acceptance,
while some are still going around trying to act tough.
Trying to prove their force against individuals and society.
It is a fear,
which stems from a wound,
which made one feel less
when, in truth, there was so much more
in the heart of that child
that he wished we could share –
but his emotions became crushed
and to ‘feel’
for himself;
for others,
became wrong
and those sores became calluses upon the heart
and the sore became more callous and unkind
and now this unfeeling aggression
hurts us all…

Time to heal this now.

How does this Mars/Chiron cycle affect your sign?

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