PLUTO SQUARE ERIS: Evolution Vs Extinction

[art: igor morski]

All throughout 2020 and into 2021, Pluto squares up against Eris. The closing square of this centuries-long synodic cycle between these two outermost known dwarf planets commenced in 1756 at 18°♐32′. The principle here is one of evolution vs extinction, which effectively means transform or else suffer the threat of being left out of the game. It is, in nature’s cruellest terms, the survival of the fittest. But fittest at what?

In today’s ultimate race for supremacy, there can be only one successor. Individuals, nations, empires, are all struggling to stay relevant in the game of domination and submission. The stakes are high and the road is long and gruelling, but by the end, things will not be the same, and only the aptest to the current conditions shall triumph to write the history books.

These two very distant, slow-moving dwarf planets, both about the same size in diameter, play a crucial role in the timing of the greater evolutionary process, clearing out the deadwood and patently defunct elements in life, purifying and eliminating the hideously distorted and unnatural. Pluto (Hades), ruler of the underworld, assists this process by ruthlessly pulverising the weak and empowering the strong, and through a tediously slow process of psychic control and manipulation, effectively claims and regenerates souls into adapting the ‘most dominant’ traits, necessary to the inherent successors of each generation.

Eris, sister of Ares (Mars) defends the plight of those (individuals and species) who do not even qualify to run the contest. Yes, certain elements will miss out entirely for they are recessive, and like all dormant or unwanted parts, become eventually expunged from all existence. Such is the cruel force of nature. But they will not go down without a fight, wracking tremendous strife and turmoil for those who are left behind. The “Apple of Discord” is another way of describing any deed or fateful premise that causes dissension and turmoil among those who claim rulership, causing more trouble than it’s worth.

Ultimately, something has to clear away the extraneous and unsightly, making way for the ‘latest version’, and when the suspiciously expired comes up against the contentiously mighty, the two are pitted against one another. In the game of death, we can only expect the “change-or-die” paradigm to loom heavy and on all dimensions of our human experience.

Whilst their 5-partile dalliance lasts appx. 2 years, their effects are felt over the several years, both before and after the square becomes exact. Throughout 2020, after Saturn/Pluto’s January conjunction, a harrowing sweep of events creates an air of morbid mass fear and intense social pressure which indeed facilitates the very ominous effects of this ‘adapt-or-perish’ aspect to manifest.

Their entanglement throughout 2020-21 suggests a most unnatural selection is taking place since Pluto in Capricorn’s obsession to introduce a new-mode “super-human” somehow manages to outclass even nature’s most crushing evolutionary blows.

New biotechnologies are being introduced, such as gene-editing, advanced drugs, medicines and vaccines whose capacity to fortify the human being from hazardous environmental influences, but whose supernatural effects upon the human spirit cannot properly be estimated. Also, new info-technologies are altering the interflow of human relationships, their hardware becoming more ubiquitous and networking all intellectual activity in ways that allow the mind of both individual and collective to become hacked and reprogrammed. Meanwhile, high-tech surgical procedures, couple with special genetically modified superfoods are assisting humans to hijack nature’s physical/intellectual limitations and slow down the ageing process. Nuclear power and weaponry also pose massive potential for both enormous progress or absolute catastrophe.

A metamorphosis is slowly occurring.

[image: igor morski]

Alongside humanity’s efforts, global-scale ‘enironmental’ disasters, holocausts, diseases and famines threaten to wipe out many species and masses of people. We say ‘natural’, but one wonders how many are ‘man-made’. With a conjoining Jupiter/Saturn (Dec 2020) also on Pluto’s side, the boundaries of law and morality will be pushed beyond anything nature’s own selection process has to throw at us.

Who benefits and who loses in the ultimate contest for survival and who upgrades to become the ‘ultimate superhuman’ is anyone’s guess.

But hang on, life is not a contest, is it?
One might think that in the stakes for ‘survival’, our ancestors packed us with all the chutzpah necessary to keep our end of the species running. Barring the odd ‘mutant monster’ and the extreme ‘environmental swing’, one should imagine that our current DNA would commonly give us the best chance to pull through, given that it has survived all the nasties that came before.

But then, we did say that 2020 was an ‘End Year’, and astrologers have seen the omens for all creation for years to come now.

Eris, the personification of Strife, sister and companion of Mars, is among the primordial forces, belonging to the generation of Nyx, the Night (or darkness). Three times farther from Earth than Pluto, she gives birth to a number of abstract concepts, such as Sorrow (Ponos), Negligence (Lithe), Starvation (Limos), Pain (Algos), and the Oath (Orkos). As the pernicious daughter of the Night, she is placed into the pantheon of gods by Zeus to provide a healthy sense of competition. It was she who threw that damned apple into the mix, prize to the fairest of goddesses, awarded by Paris; thus starting the Trojan War. (read more on Eris here)

The old edict “Change or Die” might sound a bit drastic, but for anyone following these posts, I’ve kept it no secret about the severity these times pose upon the ultimate test to our capacity to adapt, evolve come out in front or perish. It becomes a mad, ruthless scramble with all this Aries/Capricorn energy currently.

Let the games begin…

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  1. I thank you very much for sharing your knowledge..
    It reassures me that I am not mad ..
    Stay strong..

  2. Eris is conjunct my natal moon… both in aries, 2 degrees apart. makes sense lol

    • Hiya Kathy I ve got Mars Moon Lilly Black and Eris all conjunct. Even funnier ? I use extra bodies on
      Solar Fire so My Mom Joan is conjunct Moon Eris And My Grand Ma Lily Shwartz or Black Lilith. Ain t life funny

  3. Linlily Jefferson

    Awe, speechless

  4. Prescient doesn’t really begin to describe this post from January 2020…

    Quite amazing. Will continue to follow.