Astrology Aspects

March, 2023

  • 15 March


    The Shambhala Warrior employs ingenious tactics to gain victory with little or no excessive force...

  • 12 March

    JUPITER/CHIRON: Historical Examples

    When the cycle resets at 14°27' ARIES tomorrow, a new influx of cultural goodies drops, and we start to unpack the latest tools, instruments, medicaments, and even weapons of cultural redefinement....

  • 10 March

    JUPITER/CHIRON: Healer of Faith

    Exploring the Connection Between Jupiter and Chiron: Insights into Healing and Growth

August, 2022

September, 2021

  • 27 September

    MARS/CHIRON: Healing the Wounded Masculine

    When Mars and Chiron form a square aspect in transit, it can bring up themes related to past wounds and trauma that may hinder the expression of Mars energy in a healthy way...

  • 2 September


    Was it all just a dream? How could the underlying fabric of the seemingly permanent, robust structures of my world simply dissolve all around me, just like that, almost overnight?

February, 2021

  • 19 February


    ...with the sun slipping into Pisces, the first quarter Gemini Moon could get a little mental as we try to work out where on earth to go from here. Luckily, the cosmic bus will be along in a few hours, as usual, we'll have much up in the stars to see and talk all about...

  • 4 February

    VENUS/SATURN – Karmic Love

    True, spiritual love has no bounds. It must be allowed to dance freely both within us and in all that is around us. Constrained love is not true. To become true it must be allowed to flower to its maturity....

May, 2020

  • 12 May


    MARS and MERCURY square at the critical (final) degree of fixed signs...

March, 2020

  • 18 March


    The volatility of the transiting Moon/Mars over this point triggers something we have not yet seen along these goatish crags of Capricornia.

  • 15 March

    NODES square CHIRON

    Whatever's manifesting for you out there, however bleak, constricting and harsh your world becomes, somehow it's exactly what you asked for, every detail.

  • 13 March


    Choose your nodal (spiritual) direction boldly, bravely, fiercely and independently of others. Do not be afraid to take the plunge - the path ahead is uncertain, but you must act NOW.

  • 12 March

    MARS sextile SUN/NEPTUNE

    You are being called to action, summoned to wear the mask of fear and panic, to fend for yourself and your kind...

  • 11 March


    What has gone viral is the F.E.A.R. and fear alone. We attract the worst possible outcome when we psyche ourselves into anxieties about poverty, humiliation, harm, illness and death...

  • 4 March

    MERCURY(still) RETROGRADE, regressing back to AQUARIUS:

    Coming out of the mental chaos, identity issues and boundary violations of Pisces, Mercury is …

  • 3 March


    Umm... now what else can possibly go awry?

  • 3 March

    First-Quarter Moon

    Muzzled and censured, detours ahead, normal roads closed obstacles all 'long the way...

  • 2 March


    Why just break my heart? Why stop there?

February, 2020

  • 29 February

    Nodal Cradle

    While it's cool to be satisfied with past efforts; bask in the glory of past triumphs, you must learn to live more in the present. None of what was once important will soon cast much of an impression, trust me.

  • 27 February


    MARS AT THE SOUTH NODE does generate a great degree of fear and panic, as we can see, but it doesn't need to turn nasty...

  • 20 February


    Everything is a product of imagination. You... you imagine your life is ok, but one day it's going to be awesome, maybe....

  • 19 February


    The feeling of pressure to step up and do your best, even though you suspect that you can never win this on your own, will be huge.

  • 16 February


    Part of your gloom is from any overcommitment to duties, be it to someone, an unhealthy habit, a vexing circumstance or a work deadline.

  • 15 February


    Don't worry. You will get a chance to go over things again, in your mind. Again and again. At least a couple of times....

  • 14 February


    So, maybe avoid the word 'lazy' as a means to describe the ennui, heaviness and dissatisfaction you're feeling as VENUS crosses these NODAL squares.

  • 13 February

    MOON/VENUS squaring NODES

    One day you're gonna finally hold them accountable, rather than mope and moan and point the blame their way...

  • 12 February


    NOTE TO SELF: Avoid the ungrateful, unhelpful, unruly & unkind, the idle, the uninspired, discourteous, disagreeable dishonouring, dishonest, and disheartening...

  • 10 February

    VENUS/CHIRON – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

    The new Venus/Chiron cycle, commencing on Mar 29, 2021  is one that sets us on …

  • 10 February

    MARS OUT-OF-BOUNDS in SADGE (Feb 9-Mar 2)

    It's one thing to shoot the odd arrow over the fence once in a while and another to go over the edge entirely & be an official badass...

  • 8 February


    He will probe deeply into any concern, seeing it all like some conspiracy against him, and he may well be right, but it's all relative. He thinks he's a genius, and he may be right, but...

  • 4 February

    Planets Entering Retrograde Zones

    The next couple of months could progressively become more and more turbulent, hence critical with regards to the kinds of choices you make in how you think, act, be...

  • 1 February

    CERES in AQUARIUS: Cold Comfort

    One way or another, you will soon be cut off; shut down; locked out; abandoned; etc, from any earthly thing to which you have grown umbilically attached (or what has attached itself to you in any way that is sentimentally unhealthy or toxically dependent).

January, 2020

  • 30 January

    PLUTO SQUARE ERIS: Evolution Vs Extinction

    All throughout 2020, Pluto, Lord of death, rebirth and evolution squares up against the scorned Eris, goddess of cataclysms, discord and survival of the fittest.

  • 29 January

    Mars square Venus/Neptune

    You know what's sad? People's active attempts to evade or escape the tangled web they weaved up in their own surrealistic fantasies.

  • 28 January

    Mars square Neptune

    Maybe it's your ego talking here, but you are worthy. Your intellectual, emotional, physical, social, even spiritual boundaries are worth defending and upholding. It's a matter of integrity.

  • 24 January

    Dark Moon Stellium in Capricorn

    It's the dark of the moon and face it, there's no way of knowing where you're going. But then, you're probably used to that by now.

  • 23 January

    Dawning of Aquarius

    Too much information? Yes, definitely data overload. Like a 10,000+ piece puzzle, new bits of news just keeps accumulating every time you take a scroll or stroll, all scattered around and discombobulating in your brain.

  • 19 January

    Mercury/Sun square Uranus/Neptune

    The intuitive heart knows. It's always known the real truth. The clever mind just got in the way. Its interests, rather, to delude, avoid the truth because to go there would be inconvenient...

  • 17 January

    MOON Enters Scorpio

    MOON enters Scorpio at about 1820 (UTC) forming a fixed T-square with MERCURY/URANUS. Whatever doesn't bend shatters. Laugh, wherever possible...

  • 15 January

    The Extreme Pressure of SATURN/PLUTO

    ... whether it's coming from friends, family, your environment, even your dearest enemies is there to squeeze out your highest potential.

  • 14 January


    Here's where it gets harsh for you, joker. Where the judgiest of shamers throw boulders of "shoulds and shouldn'ts" at you from their flaming, told-you-so, high-moral towers.

  • 8 January

    Postcards from Saturn/Pluto

    We're at the end. This is the finale to 200 years of the industrial age. We got all 'industrious' and we stripped this earth of all its natural resources. Dumped our crap in the sea. Burned off what we don't need...

  • 3 January

    Saturn conjunct Pluto

    No greater betrayal exists than that to yourself for trusting a system which has shown to neglect and exploit its people, time and time again...

  • 2 January

    Mars leaving Scorpio

    Problem with holidays is once the festivities die down, we gotta go back to dealing with ‘the situation’. Yes, it’s still dire, and no, it’s not going to go away because you and your droogs exchanged some “kumbaya” and wishful thinking.

December, 2019

  • 31 December


    More than any other power imbalance between us, even that of race or creed, gender inequality Is still the one causing all the grief in this world...

  • 29 December

    Stellium in Capricorn

    Folks, we are about to enter the rinse cycle and almost the entire load of …

  • 27 December


    MID-ECLIPSES and the alienating feeling of embittered loss begins to surface: Feelings of past betrayal and abandonment; memories of misfortune and destruction; of being left hopeless, bankrupt and forlorn...

  • 24 December

    Sun/Jupiter square Chiron

    Sometimes we need a miracle. Someone to somehow come along and shine a light upon our darkest night...

  • 21 December

    Venus in Aquarius

    "LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS" Is it a genuine invitation to hang out in a cool, detached, collegiate manner? Is it a passive-aggressive way of rejecting your awkward, geeky tries for intimacy?

  • 20 December

    Mercury square Neptune

    Sometimes our logic gets a bit complicated, either too fuzzy, convoluted or self-absorbed in personal abstractions for it to be easily communicated to either others (or even to ourselves)...

  • 18 December

    Moon square Mercury square Neptune

    [pic: Laura Makabresku, “Sofia”] When you hear even the most faint of sounds, pick up …

  • 17 December

    Jupiter trine Uranus

    [pic: Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak, and Bette Davis in THREE ON A MATCH, 1932] Yes, …

  • 16 December

    JUPITER in Capricorn TRINE URANUS in Taurus

    [pic: galerie lumière] JUPITER in Capricorn TRINE URANUS in Taurus One in five people on …

  • 14 December

    Chiron Stationing Direct

    CHIRON NOW STATIONING DIRECT @01°♈26′ You’re not going to take this much longer. Trust me. …

  • 14 December


    Venus wants out of this hell but stakes are high and besides, it’s all too …

  • 13 December


    [image: @daantejebons] VENUS BESIEGED BY SATURN/PLUTO It’s not pretty, but the harsh reality is that …

  • 12 December

    XXXTREME VENUS ☌ ♄ ☌ ♇

    [art: eolo perfido] XXXTREME VENUS ☌ ♄ ☌ ♇ Power is intoxicating. It goes straight …

  • 11 December

    VENUS/PLUTO – Extreme Love

    [image: Martin Leavitt] Once in a while, we may become possessed with intensely strong feelings …

  • 11 December

    Venus conjunct Saturn/Pluto

    This is the third time since Dec 2017 that Venus will cycle through the Saturn …

  • 9 December

    Mercury leaving Scorpio

    art: jana brike MERCURY LEAVING SCORPIO and well(!) has this been an intensely gruelling 10 …

  • 4 December

    Astrology of Now: Sun Square Neptune

    Just remember, we’re only just coming out of Neptune’s Retrograde Haze…

  • 3 December

    Astrology of Now: VENUS on SOUTH NODE

    [pic: patrick shaw] VENUS on SOUTH NODE Just what to do when you feel stuckwith …

  • 1 December

    Astrology of Now: Jupiter at 29°♐

    Life on earth is certainly a journey. A cyclical one. Rather than going around in …

November, 2019

October, 2019