Whatever’s manifesting for you out there, however bleak, constricting and harsh your world becomes, somehow it’s exactly what you asked for, every detail.

It’s cosmic law.

Come to understand; be thankful that something within you is inviting you to go on a special healing journey. The principle of alchemy is that the greater the pressure, the bigger the transformation.

And because you’re sharing this with so many other brothers and sisters across the world, there’s every indication that the lesson you have to learn is somehow common to us all. Take faith in that. If we are all sharing the same nightmare, we must also be capable of holding the same dream.

You will see…

Our physical world is about to indefeasibly implode. Its boundaries will warp and mutate beyond means.

The expired structure refuses to hold up, and for those who insist on clinging on to the same old edifice, their suffering will get worse.

Time comes when we must learn to let go of any heaviness and move on. Lighten up. Let your Sun shine. Remember, when all this is over, I will still be here and so will you.

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