Reclaiming your Power

First published 23 July 2016

We are still living in confused times. As human beings we are at the apex of civilised history, yet we are still enslaved by the prism of how we chose to view this ‘Third Dimensional’ world, filled with insecurities that continue to hold a vice grip over our pursuit of happiness and contentment.

Our continued obsession with attaching all our values to an external reality, whether it is to do with the material world of money, status, power over others — even our idea of ‘God’ is externalised. We have corrupted our balance with nature and defiled our ability to express ourselves with integrity and authenticity because we are still clinging to an external image of who we ought to be – for our parents, our society, our God…

This imbalance has left many of us quite disoriented about our own purpose and power. To continue on this struggle to find inner security by clutching to structures that are are subject to corruption, manipulation and decay we become further at the mercy of forces we cannot control. They control us because we allow it.

This increasing lack of control  over our physical world leaves us strangely disempowered. Rather than feel enriched by attaining what we strive so hard to ‘possess’, we instead feel a growing emptiness, a creeping insecurity that leaves us depleted of our ability to experience true cohesive joy amongst others. It seems that the more we acquire, the more distant we become — not only from others, but from our true selves.

A pervading feeling of futility has replaced our sense of happiness. We are left wanting.

Why does it feel that others are less impressed by our state of wealth, our social standing, our power (or lack thereof) over them or the supremacy of our God?  Do we realise that our identity and power is largely based upon themes of dominance or exclusion, even enslavement of one another? As humans we are collectively able to understand this imbalance. Many of us are perhaps at the point where we have already drawn the line and refuse to play along any longer. That is only a start.

How do we reclaim our inner strength? How do we become truly empowered and thus freed from our growing inter-dependance on a world that is fast incapable of supporting our ideas about who we think we are?

Until we come to accept that all we can really control is ourselves we continue to struggle with this world. But how do we reclaim our power?

1. Define your character

We are all influenced by others somehow. It is the very qualities that one aspires to in others that become the building blocks of defining the true nature of your character. Much of our personal disempowerment in our age comes from the feeling that we are not living up to these idealised “star-images’ pitched to us by popular media.

We can resist these hypnotising marketing ploys by questioning the intrinsic integrity of the ‘celebrities’ who are being subliminally marketed to us by the great corporate/political machine. True heroes do not need to be promoted – they stand impeccably upon their merit for their true and valuable contribution  they make towards our society’s culture.

True heroes, though sometimes misunderstood and persecuted by society, are ultimately able to withstand any scrutiny upon their character and intent.Who are the inspiring role models in your life?

Which qualities do they possess, personify and promote that have made the most impact upon your own character development?

Real heroes come in all shapes and sizes and make all sorts of remarkable achievements in every field.

They are most likely a parent, a beloved teacher, a member of your community or a great historical or literary figure. Most importantly, they shine by maintaining an authenticity which is inspiring but inimitable because of it’s inner conviction and outer humility.

Become selective about what influences you. Choose well. Choose consciously for the authenticity and integrity that you admire in others. Be aware of becoming subliminally influenced by superficial, glamourised ‘hero-images’ that are pitched to you by today’s clever marketing machines employed by governments and corporations.

If defining your character is built upon the influence from those whom we admire most and our response to the qualities others admire in us, then be mindful of what these qualities are and celebrate them freely and generously.

2. Nourish and exercise the body

It is a scientific fact that regular exercise literally makes you smarter (not to mention healthier, sexier). Feeling good about yourself begins on a cellular level, and there is no other way to reach every cell without some form of physical exercise, good nutrition and meditation.

Improve your general cognition, help re-build neuro-connectivity in the brain and prevent degeneration of the mind by staying fit and active and eating well.An idle body accumulates stagnant energy in the mind and actually begins to slow your thinking processes down. If you are spending most of your time in front of the TV/internet munching on junk food then it is time to re-establish your physical relationship to the physical world with regular exercise and a carefully balanced dietary intake.

Though it can be extremely hard to break habits of idleness and poor meal preparation, it is essential that we at least acknowledge that this is an area that needs our urgent attention.

3. Get with the program

You may be prone to distractions which may upset you, and advertisers will constantly be trying to steal you away from your own program by bombarding you with stylised goods and services that promise much but in reality are simply not good for you at all.

Know that your mind runs on a program that you set for yourself, and that you have the ability to go in and change any of the script by replacing negative or debilitating commands with more positive and constructive ones.

You cannot stick to the program if you don’t have one: – Writing down your routine will at least allow you to realise what it is. It does not need to impose over your whole day – just needs to serve you. Make sure it suits your lifestyle and includes all the things that you hold sacred (exercise, healthy food preparation, work, creative activities, meditation), then stick to it religiously. Maintain a devout effort to honour your daily rituals, without exceptions or diminishing how sacred these are to maintaining your personal power.

Create your own program. Let it serve you so you can serve others.

4. Focus without becoming distracted

In this age of overwhelming multi-media information from the digital deluge stream, interruptions to your personal flow fly in thick and fast. One recent study says that we lose an average 2.1 hours a day on random distractions.

Your attention is a limited resource so finding ways to deflect any distractions is vital to accomplishing your daily plan.Removing temptations by switching off communication during your valued work/personal time is extremely vital. Sometimes you might need to physically separate yourself from the distraction. Selecting the right timing for your activity is also critical. Most of all, you need to manage your mind. Exercising mindfulness takes some meditative power.Practicing some form of meditation is the only way of maintaining control over those influences that seek to overtake your mind and your energy.

5. Be selective with where you invest your time

If you find that you are getting sucked into situations or people that you should rather be avoiding (perhaps a frustrating relationship), then it’s time to assess how these are actually adding any value into your life.You may discover that where you have been investing your energy has either an important lesson for you, or it is simply a diversion away from your personal growth. If so, plan your withdrawal wisely. Simply abandoning something without proper closure might just lead you into repeating the same mistake.Identify where you need to be more conservative with your precious time and tactfully refrain from energy sapping people and situations.

6. Become the Master

Studies by sociologist Malcolm Gladwell suggest that one can master a craft after approximately 10,000 hours of practice.

Whether this is true or not, it certainly takes some focus and dedication to accomplish that amount of experience. There is nothing more personally satisfying or life-enriching than to be exceptionally capable at doing something that is helpful to others.

In a social sense, mastering a craft demonstrates your ability to discipline your mind without succumbing to distractions or impulsive self-indulgences, and sends our a message that your mission to help others is focused and refined. The by-product of achieving true mastery in your chosen field is the humble awareness that you have earned respectability from your community for your unique services.

7. Attitude is everything

How we choose to perceive our world strongly determines the overall outcome of our experience. In other words, our own perspective of the world has the power to affect the reality we live in. If our thoughts and emotions (electro-magnetic impulses) can be unconsciously influenced by our environment then our consciousness of these is able to influence our environment.

Quantum physics has proven that our own awareness of matter can actually affect how matter behaves.

8. Outcomes with others are not necessarily predetermined.

Your reaction alone can and will determine how things work out for you. Only through conscious awareness of your emotional conditioning can you begin to break free from ingrained patterns of reacting with a disempowering attitude.

9. Reconnect to the Intent (not the internet)

Deep inside everything is its intent or spirit. In a higher sense, this is all just a part of a greater, Universal Intent. Becoming connected to the Intent is the only way to reclaim our personal power and to restore our unity with the universal force. Our first step is to understand that nothing is ever un-intentional. There is no randomness and no repetition in the Universe.

Every individual entity (down to the minutest molecule) has a deliberate place and acts by its own intent and according to the greater Universe Intent.

We must decide what sort of world we want to create by virtue of our individual thoughts and actions. To align these to the spirit of the Greater Oneness is to move towards acceding to the highest possible outcome. It is our choice whether we acknowledge this integrated entity or otherwise remain in the lower mindset that we are simply the hapless victims living at the mercy of nature (or “God’).

We have the free will to to take back control of our lower minds, change the basic, divisive programming that we have been conditioned with by our parents/culture(who did their best under the conditioning they were raised with), and to become reconnected – to be guided, reassured and nurtured by the divine connecting power of love. Our thoughts are undeniably powerful.

Through our constant vigil to keep these thoughts positive and constructive we have the ability to harness that power. Using your mental-emotional energy you can not only imagine the unimaginable but achieve the unachievable. Gradually, with deliberate, disciplined application of your own conscious forces you will not only restore your personal power, but at once allow us to full access to the unified field of the Universe’s own intent. Only through this unifying force called ‘Love’ can we create a world that works for everyone.

Step by step we draw back our strength and rebuild our internal integrity. Only as joyful and creative individuals who realise their true worth can we begin to build a world that everyone is able to share equally and without exclusion. Use these guidelines to help yourself, and by setting an example help to inspire others to begin to reclaim their own power .

There is no other choice — we are almost out of time.

Re-empower your Self.

Start now.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic


  1. I have not accumulated things. I have had to leave many behind, I did if I am confused now it is because I have woken into a world of fearful people in a world where few care, talk of gaia from those who have land, and .. all the things I loved are for sale.

  2. I have swung so far out of my orbit but I am determined to restore myself and this article is a welcome road map. I am afraid but will do it again because otherwise I am going to succumb to the madness