JUPITER/CHIRON: Historical Examples

The most recent Jupiter/Chiron cycle began in AQUARIUS in 2009, and due to retrogrades, it occurred three times, two of which involved Neptune. As a result, we have seen the rise of new age “healers, dealers, and pop-wheelers” who ushered into our vernacular their cosmic brand of insight, mostly through the rise of social media, which was just beginning to take off big time in 2009, a way of life that has since become an integral part of our daily lives.

When the cycle resets at 14°27′ ARIES tomorrow, a new influx of cultural goodies drops, and we start to unpack the latest tools, instruments, medicaments, and even weapons of cultural redefinement….

Because Chiron is our ferryman to and from the outers, we get all the dirt and lots of cool new riffs thanks to his maverick roving between the city-slickers of Saturn and those quirky space cadets over in Uranus. His conjunction with Jupiter shuttles in all kinds of influences that will be hyped up and integrated into our culture: broader attitudes, innovative healing methods, mystical initiations, rites of passage, cool new mind-expanding drugs, rad music and whatever else you can think of.

The 2009 Aquarian Jupiter/Chiron cycle gave us lots of cool ‘Age of Aquarius ‘, lapping up our ‘culture’ and movements towards social equality, through social-networking platforms peaking at the #MeToo thing and finishing sucking up all out data and giving it back to us, personalised and on-demand through an almost perfected AI Algorithm.

Tomorrow’s cycle starting in Aries starts the new wave of individualism, the hashtag #MeFirst and who knows what else…

Last time Jupiter/Chiron kicked off in Aries was March 1976, when punk rock single-handedly ‘healed the world’ of prog-rock and disco of the late sixties and mid-1970s, emerging as a major cultural force in the UK and later in the US. Characterised by its aggressive, DIY sound and nihilistic attitude, as well as its rejection of mainstream culture and political establishment and earmarked by The Sex Pistols whose seminal “Filth and the Fury” show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England on June 4th, 1976 is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in the history of punk rock, spawning countless bands and subcultures that would continue to influence music, fashion, and art, from Joy Division to Nirvana. [interestingly, both singers Curtis and Cobain finished up with the ultimate act of self-destruction].

The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Aries before that was on March 7, 1821 – a significant year in world history as it marked the beginning of the Greek War of Independence, when, after 400 years of oppression, on March 25, 1821, the Greeks finally rose up and said #F*ckYou to the Ottoman Empire, a war which would last for almost a decade (sound familiar, Troy?), with the Greeks ultimately gaining their independence in 1832.

It was also when Mexico declared independence from Spain after a decade-long struggle.

The death of Napoleon Bonaparte in May, former emperor of France, was considered by many a cultural demagogue but also a ruthless and power-hungry tyrant who caused immense suffering and destruction by waging (and badly losing) a war on Russia. He died in exile on the island of Saint Helena.

Of course, wars happen and famous people die all the time, and there were other significators in the stars around those CHIRON/JUPITER conjunctions in Aries, but us sensitive readers of astrology look for subtle patterns and nuances in the zeitgeist that affect our shit. 1821 was a long time ago, and what remains written in the history books are sketchy accounts, at best, written by a few literate dudes, of whom only those whose words aligned with the official narrative made it to our classrooms, but hey, what’s news..

The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Aries before that was a triple in 1773/4, squaring Eris (among other transits). Notable events around this time:

The Boston Tea Party: On December 16, 1773, American colonists disguised as Mohawk natives dumped 342 chests of tea from three British ships into Boston Harbor to protest British taxation without representation… we all know that precipitous event was going to be a big deal over the coming decade.

In 1773/74, the second and third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was partitioned between Russia, Prussia, and Austria, effectively erasing Poland from the map for over a century (ouch).

In June 1773, just after the first conjunction, Catherine the Great of Russia staged a coup against her husband, Peter III, and assumed the throne. Check out “The Great” (TV series) to get an amusing, non-historical feel of what was going down there.

Captain James Cook embarked on his second voyage of discovery in July 1772, exploring the South Pacific and mapping the southern coast of Alaska, the first crossing of the Antarctic Circle. Cook’s expedition was significant for its scientific discoveries, including Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, who collected and catalogued many new species of plants and animals we are now about to make extinct (see Eris). They also observed and recorded the transit of Venus across the Sun, a critical astronomical event that helped astronomers determine the size of the solar system. Cook’s mapping of the Pacific region during this Jupiter/Chiron in Aries cycle opened the doors to many previously uncharted islands and coastlines, providing valuable information for future navigators, a bounty for explorers and the emerging new brand of British conquistadors’ claims to the region.


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