Astrology of Now: Mars opposite Uranus

If i take a revolutionary, anti-authoritarian stance, am I right or wrong? Who is the “authority” that stands to judge me for not following their way?

If I take an iconoclastic stance in my questioning the seeming stupidity of a blindly ignorant, complying status quo, if I remain critical of those who hold positions of social responsibility and power, who is going to challenge me?

If I am upset by the outright hypocrisy of “leaders”, being openly scathing in denouncing their criminal, psychopathic agenda, who dares to confront me?

Yes, I have developed a fairly demanding set of personal principles and ideals from which I choose to perceive the world. Come… fuck with me: ♂ ☍ ♅

For those oblivious to the unrest going on across the globe, there are serious protest going on almost daily in Honk Kong, Chile, France, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Haiti, Lebanon, Kurdish Syria, Iraq, Israel, not mentioning the ongoing crises in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, U.S.-China Tensions; the Saudi Arabia/U.S/Israel/Iran deals, Nigeria, South Sudan, Cameroon, Ukraine (due to Russia’s annexation of Crimea). I probably left out some obvious place, like what’s going on in your neighbourhood, and if you think thing are going to die down and life is going to return “back” to normal then you probably haven’t been following. It’s time to understand that being “spiritual” means taking the courage to come out of that bubble and facing the darkness head to head.

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