MERCURY STATIONING @12°♓53’℞ (Monday)

Don’t worry.
You will get a chance to go over things again, in your mind.
Again and again.
At least a couple of times.
making sense of it could be another thing though, since
MERCURY Rx in Pisces employs a rather implausible faculty
where one can scarcely sort through rational thought
without the interference of intuitive feelings.

You’ll think you’re right,
then wrong,
then both…
then neither.
Senses get so sensitised
and blurry
then daydreams and illusion
blend and swirl into the mind-mix,
trying to embellish
and muddying your narrative,
which mires deeper,
the more you try to ‘recollect’
towards the “no-one understands me” kind of schtick.

Total confusion could preside.
But then, with NEPTUNE there nearby (<6°)
we else can we be absolutely sure of?
At least we may take solace knowing that we’ll all just ‘get it’ slightly ‘out’.
And all the while folks may so ill-understand,
they’ll fail to hear each other moaning-and-a-whining
something about “not being understood”.
A frightful mess, you might confess…
Or, you would think so, anyway.
But best to think and let think whatever one might like
and keep their sullied thoughts all to oneself through all of this,
if we should wish to keep our cleverish minds
tied closely to our kindly, understanding hearts.

(time will come to forgive, heal and to move on again)

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☿ S℞ (Feb 7 – Mar 10)


  1. I wouldn’t have stopped to react, except I thought, “Well, Self, you are a first house Mercury in Pisces with Neptune in the 10th House, so why not share a thought?”

    There’s no better time than when I’m feeling like I’m finally being understood, or at least, can offer coherent first-hand testimony to the Pisces in Mercury experience. The more humid the air, the more you can feel it in the summertime, when the sun beats down and bounces off the pavement like a waterfall splashing in a pool below. Ripples of heat, can you remember it?
    It comes at you in waves. Like the light shining in your eyes.
    It pulses in frequencies like the high pitch sound of a dog whistle. Except I could hear it too.

    And when you switched the record over and played it in reverse, did you hear the hidden message? Now you’re look at the picture in negatives, holding the slides up to the light. Because the first phase of a photograph is upside down and reversed.

    My Mercury was born direct. But I’ve heard the horrible nasty things people have said about Mercury in Pisces Rx: crazy, irrational, etc.

    Mercury Rx in Pisces is when the fish tank water needs to be replaced, and clean filters put in.
    It’s the water heater, and the radiator in your car. It’s all those things that you use to control the temperature in your environment – your heat and air conditioner. It’s your refrigerator, or the freezer.
    It’s the mold growing in that damp dark crawl space under the house or from a leak in the roof.
    It’s the microwave interrupting the wifi signal.

    Mercury Rx in Pisces has the reputation of being that nutcase conspiracy theorist wearing a tinfoil hat. But I have another idea about it.

    Mercury Rx in Pisces is the best time to remember the case of the First Emperor of China. He died at the age of 50, because he ingested Mercury on a daily basis based on the idea that it could extend his life. His burial chamber contains rivers of mercury, as he pinned his hopes of eternal life on the stuff. Go ahead, blame him. But it was his Prime Minister who convinced him this was what he needed, and who slowly poisoned him. And of course, it made him crazy. Easier to just blame him for being a crazy tyrant? That’s how his Prime Minister wanted the history to remember it. Not to mention that he was ambitious and had control over the emperor whom he’d stepped in to “help” when he was just a young boy with a mom and uncle fighting to gain control of his throne.

    How about this: a child experiences or witnesses someone who has authority over them doing a bad thing. For fear of the child exposing them, they send the child to a psychiatrist and the child is branded with some mental illness label, and then for years dosed with toxic psychotic drugs.

    What was the point of doing that? To discredit the child’s word, their testimony, to invalidate anything they might say. “They are just confused, don’t listen to them.”

    That is what Mercury in Pisces Rx is all about: creating a problem that did not exist and treating it. The air permeates with toxic motives. It’s a very unpleasant situation. But it can’t last.

    The doctor gave us antacids for our stomach ache, then our appendix explodes and must be removed.
    There mold on that old heating and air conditioning system, and it must be replaced.
    There is something toxic in the air, that is making us sick.

    And Mercury in Pisces Rx is our chance to learn something about our immediate environment and health. If the solutions have not been appropriate, this is a good time to notice that and do something different.