Venus conjunct Saturn/Pluto

This is the third time since Dec 2017 that Venus will cycle through the Saturn ringer commencing in patriarchal Capricorn . Yet it is this time ’round that the whole Pandora’s box the old man tries to keep her in becomes entirely unhinged.

Why? Because of Pluto…
Seems like all the dead Epsteins in the world aren’t going to keep the lid down on what Saturn’s been up to with the fair young love goddess.

And you? How have you compromised your own love interests for the sake of ‘getting a leg up’ in daddy’s neatly structured universe?
[must read this….]

oh, and look… if it isn’t Mr 2017 himself, the guy who started the whole Cancel Culture movement, in with our 2018 boy.. and hey… that ‘masked person’ must be Pandora herself… Where are they all going so fancily dressed up like that one wonders??

oh shit… no way! That was at Windsor Castle?? For whose party??? …this stuff is so sordid. #KarmaBaby #CosmicBus