Everything is a product of imagination. You… you imagine your life is ok, but one day it’s going to be awesome, maybe. And ‘marriage’ is all about imagining you’re going to be happy with someone who is there to compliment you and have your back through life. Politics is about imagining the future of a nation and having the means to persuade a collective group of people to support you to make that happen.

Yet, the reality of our time is starting to crack to pieces. People are hungry for some big stories. ‘Nationalism’ seems to be a good one: the simplest, most obvious, most appealing story to flop out to folks. They just gobble that shit up. Inspires them, makes them feel all fuzzy and warm – a bit of us v them.

We’ve been through this. Not us, but grandpa and grandma. Just ask what dreams their folks had. What they chose to do.

If you’re into big stories, then just imagine all the stories we haven’t even begun to imagine yet. Just, think… that in another 100 years our world won’t look a thing like the world we’re living in now. Maybe less… But, of course, those geniuses who are running our world today don’t want you to imagine that. They want you to think that this, right now, is going to go on forever because that’s the way the system and all its laws are set up. That’s the business plan anyway, and it’s based on an earth which has unlimited resources, and there’s always going to be room for all the people of YOUR nation, more marriages, more babies, and the politicians can promise us more wars, more triumphs, more sprawls where one people dominates those ugly, uncouth other people, together we’ll clear’em out and that’ll mean more opportunities for jobs and growth for us.

What are you imagining? Is what you see in your dreams emotionally unsustainable? Are those you know and hold close to your heart buying into the big stories too? Like, if there was a big powerful ‘nation’ you belonged to, whose politicians threw a war against another screwy ‘nation’, would you go? Would you rush your army of kids off to fight that war?

What do you imagine the future to look like? No really…