Saturn conjunct Pluto

No greater betrayal exists than that to yourself for trusting a system which has shown to neglect and exploit its people, time and time again.
♄ ☌ ♇

Through this ruthlessness and drama, the knives will come out and stick deep. Though it will feel cold and merciless, we will finally cut through all the bullshit and find out who our real friends are…

I will give Saturn credit for ONE thing. He crystallises every energy, even the deeply hideous undertones of Pluto so that we can see his corruption in 3D -plain-as-day proof. This may be rear the ugliest truth about our “father”, “authority”, “institution”, “government”, “judge”, “nation”, but sick is sick and must be dealt with….

Saddest thing is, you will find your betrayal isn’t coming from those people over the fence that you considered your enemies. The rude awakening is that the deception, lies and cover-ups are all coming from in-da-house.