Sun in Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

[art: John Stone]
Now let’s talk a little bit about Scorpio. This sign is FIXED/WATER:
FIXED = Rigid, holding onto
WATER = Feelings, emotions
Holding on to emotions? Yep, at the root of it all, this is how stellar bodies transiting through the Scorpio constellation tend to operate. Whatever their primal energy, it gets turned into a feeling, then absolutely drowns itself in it.
A feeling. Something most of us only ever experience only in the fleeting moment.
And the Sun, our sense of individual authority, now enters a world steeped in emotion and starts to submerge himself in this, deeper and deeper, ever more passionate ways, so much so that he becomes so immersed by his emotions that we wonder whether he’s ever gonna come up for air.
The Scorpio influence on the Sun means he does not just experience feelings like the rest of us, who merely sense them as a mildly whimsical response to what is going on in our environment. Scorpio actually gets an intense ‘kick’ from feelings. In Scorpio, life becomes an abstruse pursuit for ‘deeper stimulation’, much like a pig hunting prized truffles. When they finally track down these highly cherished objects of desire – and Scorpio is extremely skillful in detecting whatever delicious emotion tickles their fancy – they lock their keen homing devices upon them (like the fixated sensation-junkies that they are) and work compulsively towards sequestering them into a quiet private corner, where they can slowly, privately devour them to death, savouring every little ounce of salacious.
Fixed water. Holding those emotions.
Imagine holding onto a feeling. Could be cool, right? Like that taste of that first mouthful of triple chocolate ice-cream. Imagine holding that. Or that moment of true love’s first kiss under a balmy summer moon; or that priceless moment after everyone has left the house and you have slipped into a nice hot bath with a great book; or that golden moment when it is announced that you are the holder of the winning ticket in the annual sweepstakes; or, most of all, that exhilarating moment of orgasm – that ego-annihilating blast of sensations that jettisons your every living cell into the realms of divine bliss… (you get the picture, right?)
So suppose you could hold and store these feelings – to be able to access these sensations on demand. This is what Scorpio aspires to do.
And we are not just speaking about positive sensations either. Scorpio is just as turned on by pain as it is with pleasure. In fact, they’ll take any feeling and hold it – anything at all, as long as it gives them an emotional kick. They revel in it. They LOVE it. To death…
..that’s right, DEATH. They will pursue something that gives them a kick, even if it kills them. Well, not necessarily literally, but you get it. They will do something that serves to thrill them until there’s nothing left but the exalted feeling of having died and become reborn. No wonder this is the sign associated with sex. The orgasmic point is like a little death in itself.
Yet, to a Scorpio, any emotion is better than no emotion. Because Scorpio cannot stand emotional numbness. This is why this sign is strongly associated with ‘change’. They would sooner turn everything upside down looking for a thrill rather than become subjected to what they consider a dull, morose and predictable emotional nothingness. Even if the thrill is an intensely painful or destructive one…
We all have Scorpio somewhere in our chart. It is the side of us that stores all the powerful emotions – the dizzying highs and crushing lows of being human – the place from which we draw our deepest satisfaction (and our utmost disgust) in our quest to behold the object of our pursuit.
It is the place that moves us, not physically or mentally, but much deeper and in ways that we are often unable to describe with words. Only in feelings; feelings so intense and held so deeply that they are often hidden from even our own consciousness. Yet we know them. We know these feelings too well. They are what constitute our true psychology – our motivated response to what stimulates us in our environment. Deep down, our feelings become the motivation behind everything that feeds our desire for love, power and glory, and fuels our rage and madness when these things are denied to us.
They form the basis to all our beliefs because, based on our feelings about something, we go on to determine whether something is essentially real for us, or whether it is not.
If it is feels right, we wish to hold it, possess it.
If not, we might wish to eliminate or destroy it.
With the Sun in Scorpio for the next 30 days, it is time to look deeper into what we are holding and what must change in our world.

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  1. My 7th house is in Scorpio. I could wallpaper my bathroom in marriage licenses and divorce decrees. I have gained some insight into that embarrassing and painful little tendency from your essay. Thanks Ang !