MERCURY(still) RETROGRADE, regressing back to AQUARIUS:

Coming out of the mental chaos, identity issues and boundary violations of Pisces, Mercury is happy to stay detached and not mess in other peoples’ space when he enters Aquarius in a few hours. His motion is slow, and in about a week (next Tue) will turn direct again. Mercury returns to 0° Pisces on Mar 16.

While happy not to violate people’s space, Mercury Rx in Aquarius seems glad to reexplore the past in order to dig up dirt – info that could be useful for some future moment. It’s all about helping others, sharing ideas, creating a more cohesive community, building networks towards a better society. He may not always make sense, unnerving some more than others, but he displays a tremendous scope of ideas coming from the most out-of-the-box places – ones that society chooses to overlook or even ignore, even drawing on a concept that is as old as the hills (even himself)…

Can he change the old concept, ever so slightly so that the idea can apply to the next 200 hundred years? Or will it take humanity that long to accept that his ideas really would have made sense, if only they were better understood?

In any sense, Mercury Rx in Aquarius puts out inventive (if a bit radical) ideas, which make him beautiful, unique and original and he will probably be more understood by others in the days, weeks, months (even years) after they’ve heard what he has to share.

A sustained SEMI-SQUARE TO MARS throughout March generates an unconscious tendency to create dissension in group discussions/debates. He must watch for a dictatorial, authoritative attitude, or style of delivery, which could irritate others, especially if they’re trying to keep him in line. (The second half of March gets super-heated, stay tuned).

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