VENUS/PLUTO – Extreme Love

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Once in a while, there comes a love so delicious, so extremely compelling, yet so forbidden or taboo that it becomes an affair of intense and overriding interest. One may even call it an obsession.

Very subtly, secretly, when you least see it coming it creeps up and pervades your every conscious thought, until it seizes the deepest core of your conscious being, sweeping you away with such a ferocious force of its attraction that you become immediately blinded to any prior interests, duties and commitments.

Whether willingly or by against your every resistance, your old world gradually darkens, and the people and life that you once knew seem rather insignificant, left mute and pale against the new, central object of your affection.

One might say you were spellbound, so absorbed or preoccupied by this new desire that nothing else seems to matter. So extraordinarily enchanting is its magnetic force that we are likely to relinquish everything, go to any measure, pay any cost, renounce any riches or comforts, be inclined to steal or desperately borrow, violate every sacred moral code, even risk life and limb in order to pursue and possess it…

…and possess it you must, even if it kills you.

Question is… do you ever possess it, or do you indeed become the one who is possessed?


On her own, Venus is the gentle, easing, feminine force which governs over our personal power of attraction. She rules over our ‘choice’ or ‘taste’ principle and we sense her magnetic power whenever there is something in our midst (our mind) that we should like to draw closer to our heart –  to make ‘ours’. Of all the things/people circulating in our world, we develop a certain attraction towards certain things – things we ‘like’ or ‘desire to have’. This is because we feel that they would somehow embellish, enrich, pacify, appease, beautify or compliment our being.

This could be many things: delicious foods, nice clothes, a comfortable house, pleasant friends, handsome lovers, partners, a well-paying job, a holiday, a mystical experience, etc. Anything that may add value or joy into our lives qualifies, and when we see it, we begin to generate a magnetic pull that calls it in.


Pluto – Lord of major force, exudes a dark transpersonal power. He governs over the greater, more mysterious forces of nature – the process of death and rebirth – ensuring that all things eventually perish, break down and regenerate anew. Being the outermost planet, his action is slow, and his effect is subtle, yet totally thorough and irreversible.

So intense and ominous is Pluto’s transformational force that in most cultures he is banished away from ever seeing the light of day. His business (of taking souls to the underworld) is extreme and often non-negotiable. It takes the mass awareness of all humanity to become enlightened to his sinister ways to wipe them out (disease, war, plague, famine, tyrannical enslavement, etc). Understanding his diabolical agenda, holding his corruptive, decaying forces at bay requires deep study into the means and devices of his power. Even at best – by creating laws and edicts, cures and vaccines, armies and boundaries and treaties which hope to hold his sinister forces under control (or at least keep them hidden or taboo from our children) does not completely eliminate his overriding force to wipe us out.

There is always one bad actor, some deranged or psychotic player out there who will act as agent or psychopomp for the dark underlord.

Any degree of wisdom, secret intelligence, or pre-emptive estimate as to his motives simply forces Pluto’s activity to find new, deeper levels of corruption, pushing him further underground. Our fear that he may destroy the sanctity of purity, our honest attempts at survival or the childlike innocence within us (and all society) is not quashed by prohibiting those elements we identify as sinister and cruel to our mortality.

It seems that death, corruption and great change – however sanctioned and controlled – are (still) totally rife and relevant components among us in this cycle of life and therefore not totally inescapable. Like the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) Pluto’s presence – however invisible and disconcerting – seems like an ominously impending part of our journey here on this earth. Therefore, whilst we can do our best to educate ourselves, to police and cure the ills, to try to stay mindful of the perils, to evade and elude him with our counselling and streetwile, we cannot yet eliminate him altogether.


Pluto’s domain (death, sex, crime, power, wealth, taxation, irrevocably life-changing moments, trauma and destruction) remains generally hidden or banished to the realms of the mysterious.

Few will dare deal with these as ordinary fare. Some willingly wish to dance with them, for whatever reason. As such, unexpressed desires (or unresolved traumas) build up under the surface, their pressure rising so much that, at the very first point of surface weakness (or temptation, in this case), they can erupt into the open. It is this cumulative pressure which, over time, becomes the impetus that pushes Pluto to violently lash out and pervert (or mercilessly devour) whatever takes his fancy,  

As dark, Plutonic forces silently amass under our feet; under our skin; sit idle in our DNA; carry over in the family psychopathy searching for ways to bust through the weakest defences of our innocence, naivety, we remain largely unaware – ignorant to the ominous change.

[image: Marcin Nagraba]

Many tend to avoid thinking about loss or death, the darker side of life. It’s too much, the subject itself is too disturbing. Others choose to explore the dark side willingly, possessing a morbid fascination for things obscured or forbidden. Seeking to identify with darkness, they learn and better understand about their own ‘weaknesses of the flesh’, their own mortality; psychological blind spots and those repressed, shadow-self areas. They become intrigued with power, and aspire to possess it over those who live in fear or terror.

The individual recesses of one’s grim darkness is often tainted with historic traumas over death or abandonment, haunted by a long-forgotten memory of a past atrocity or violence, coupled with a latent desire to restore peace, retrieve power or settle an old score. These traumas often extend beyond one’s own lifetime – intergenerational taunts and aspersions that lay dormant, in one’s karmic history, beyond the grave (Pluto rules the underworld). They are the spiritual residue of wars, feuds, lynchings, rape, incest, and abuse – things our ancestors would have lived through, merely to survive. They can be traced through the family lineage, entire dynasties and whole cultural identities, often undisclosed to the native (secrets hold power), yet somehow indelibly affecting the way one behaves. Our most grotesque fetishes and aberrations are often perverted manifestations of a damage we can scantly remember. Within those long-forgotten traumas, also lies the key to a profound wisdom, yet we must dig deep to truly uncover this. Pluto transits often signal that we are about to undergo an experience which presents us with the opportunity to find out more about our inner workings. Unlocking the mystery of what subliminally holds power over us opens the stairway into an immense transformation.

Anyway, we can talk about Pluto all day, and how he shows up in your individual chart and among those of your own generation – not to mention how Plutonic themes recur all throughout your own family/cultural bloodlines (see your astrologer for guidance). For now, let us try to understand the Venus/Pluto effect.


When we blend the personal desire nature, ruled by Venus with the invisible transformative power held in Pluto’s overwhelming force, the result is an attraction so intense, a pull so irresistible that it holds the force to bring hearts closer, to enslave them through sheer charismatic charm, or to obliterate by denigration or abandonment – a potently manipulative force which is capable of disintegrating everything that stood before it, destroying it entirely before (eventually) transforming it into something new.

No matter how pretty, peaceful or satisfying things may have been prior, the moment Pluto’s seed of temptation has been implanted into the heart’s ‘desire principle’, all former loves and affections slowly become infected with a corrosive germ which slowly goes to work, diabolically causing turning them to grey, whilst building up a burning, over-riding urge to go towards that which is forbidden, at all costs.

When Venus is ‘infected’ by Pluto, it is as if a ‘third-party entity’ steps in and assumes power over our desires. From this point, we are prone to go to any lengths, do whatever it takes to satiate our desire; to claim our prize. We become so possessed with a mania ‘to have and to hold’ that pays no regard to existing laws, wisdom, limitations or consequence.

The urge to devour (or be devoured) so completely by the power of love erupts so violently and seizes control over every aspect of our lives, plunging us deep beneath life’s banal norms and ordinarinesses, withering and vanquishing all ‘reasonable’ options and steering our preference to the invisible with such passion it seems like madness. What follows is the gradual degeneration our flesh (ego-desire) weaknesses, to the point where they totally fall away from our soul.

Pluto in love is not only a physically possessive and emotionally demanding lover, he is a jealous and controlling master, prone to become violent and tyrannical should anything hamper or interfere with his having his way.

Strangely, under this shroud of absolute darkness and absolute rule lies the imprints of devotion and commitment, a thing Venus finds most comforting and securing. It is the stuff of binding marriage and business contracts, loan arrangements and governmental constitutions (taxes and treaties). Anything that promises to hold us there ’till death do us part’ is a Venus/Pluto pact.

It is this promising pull towards the all-powerful; the endlessly charismatic; the eternally satisfying – this spellbinding allure that we cannot logically understand, yet cannot resist which has the ability to wrench us away from any ordinary fare and seduces us to an altogether foreign, hypnotising state where may we feel exclusively possessed, deliciously owned, chastised and tethered by an energy that is at once exhilaratingly deep, exclusively binding, yet undeniably tailor made just for us…

…or at least until the spell holds out.

Pluto’s involvement in any planetary combination introduces extreme manifestations of that planet’s natural expression. All-or-nothing, there be no compromise in how the behaviour or activity is being expressed. There is good reason for this, though not necessarily easy to understand at the local, superficial level:

Although not often visible, the higher intention towards transformation and evolution of the soul is always present with Pluto contacts. On the surface something seems out of balance, or sinister: Relationships seem dark, controlling, treacherous (even deadly); voracious appetites seem insatiable; artistic tastes seem dark, disturbed, outside the mainstream. Outsiders tend to hold extreme reactions towards those who seem intimately enmeshed in a Plutonic affair. Either an enigmatic intrigue, disgust or condemnation is often the riposte to what others deem as inappropriate or impossible to understand the nature of the union.

[image: Marcin Nagraba]

However, whilst we may not understand the attraction to something that seems clearly taboo, we must allow it to go on, for somewhere deep within we understand its sacredness, and what is occuring, however uncomfortable, frightening or mysterious is a natural part of life.

Such is the case, even to those whose lover/spouse has become allured by another affair, or to the caring parent who sees their beloved child absorbed by some strange fetish or addiction. The uninitiated to power know best to stay out of the way and let the process play out.

Pluto aim is to immobilise, devour and slowly metabolise (metamorphose) something to suit his design, and to do so he must wield ultimate control. He cares not for the costs and casualties. His evolutionary mission is supernatural and does not appreciate any pedestrian intrusions. So everyone who is not in power knows to stand back – mostly due to threat of either being dragged into its consuming vortex or fear of vicious reprisal. Pluto wields a lot of power, and he doesn’t appreciate interferences or interventions into his affairs.

Naturally, the love affair is incredibly intense, the sex not just mere play, but taken as a sacred ritual to ego-dissolution. There is a tantric religiosity which is promises to take both partners into higher dimensions and merge them with the universal intent. In the more tense phases of this cycle (squares/opposition) things can get out of hand, power imbalances become destructive and abusive wherever egos struggle to hang on. The power is best handled responsibly and with intent to raise the vibration, otherwise immense pressure can build up.

Of course, things cannot remain under pressure for ever.

Sooner or later, any stressful Venus/Pluto affair will buckle the body-bound (egotism) elements and life will burst at the seams. Wherever extreme levels of force are applied, something must eventually give way and break down. Only when this base-level ego-desire has been broken down, often over and over – to the point where it can break down no further – has the job been done. When the old, troubled character has been completely denigrated and quashed by the relationship; when the true source of all power-struggles with others has been revealed, exposed and purged, something completely different is ready to emerge.

Something new – self-emboldened and empowered with a new, higher, incorruptible love and appreciation can rise.

Ultimately, through our graduation out of such intense affairs, a most advanced consciousness about love is elevated to its highest degree. Through each intense episode, we evolve out of a primitive place of innocence, a naive fascination with the allure of the taboo and the forbidden, we see the light and we discover a new sense of humanness. We find a new way to love, and suddenly, whatever external force had a power over us ceases to possess us.

With Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) the Venus/Pluto cycle seeks to delve deeply into what drives our personal desire nature through status and social importance. In finding the deep source for our inherent obsession to hold responsibility in relationships (and over the world), we elevate our own personal power to god-like levels and are able to affect great changes. However, the journey is not mild, and it is through the gradual exposing of endemic power imbalances – especially in the patriarchal models (church, state and corporation and paternity) which binds us to a blind, narcotic drive to acquire aesthetic beauty, wealth and material satisfaction, where great re-evaluations and phenomenal transformations take place. These will be seen, especially in the cycles between 2017 (Dec), and 2019 (Feb & Dec), where Venus also commences her cycle with Saturn.

The December 2019 cycle is the most critical of these, since it also ties in with Saturn. Here, collectively tied as an entire species, we are learning to temper and control our extreme desire for greater control in love and ego-attractions. We see how our fanaticism to possess power, status and control in our our world seems to bring up ugly and uncomfortable tendencies in individual and society. Public (and similarly private) events serve to grow our collective awareness about the abuses of power. We learn not to succumb to forces that violate our sense of peace, appreciation and personal freedom at the expense of the suffering of others.

Thus the complete process is one where we are collectively undergoing a complete change in values, one which is ultimately beyond our mortal constraints and which is of an absolutely divine nature.

[image: Marcin Nagraba]

It is not until after our whole descent into the darkness cycle is complete that we finally see the light – that we have (and always did have) everything it takes to become satisfied in love. The power we wanted to feel through merging deeply into another was a power that was always present deep within our own heart, just repressed – hidden in our shadiest place, made to feel unhealthy or taboo.

It takes Pluto’s x-ray vision and sustained force to spot and work this inner power, sequester us away somewhere, where he can go to work, methodically stripping off layers of our ego desire, touch it, turn it on for us, let us be buried in our own heartless, vicious and vulgar, stupid and grasping love, that we can discover any true sense of love at all.

After all the drama dies, what survives is an awareness born of an unconditional, no possessive love – the only force that can bring healing and renewal.

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