VENUS/CHIRON – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

The new Venus/Chiron cycle, commencing on Mar 29, 2021  is one that sets us on a journey to see through into the heart of things and find true beauty and value.

When combined with Chiron, the divine feminine archetype, which exists in all of us, attempts to reinforce our ability to appreciate how every situation, regardless of how negative it appears, is there to further our spiritual growth. Through some encouragement to see the intrinsic beauty in people, things and circumstances, we strive to find how we can best enjoy the beauty that lies in our hearts. Through this cycle, we see how everything can be brought into providence and harmony by the divine power of attraction.

Hence, we apply our personal force of attraction, not to entreat or demand love, but to find the courage to become certain within ourselves that we are worthy of love. This certainty begins with loving ourselves. Only then do we cease merely to be attractive and begin to attract.

The Venus/Chiron cycle is also about healing those wounds that society shames us into feeling as being the "sinful expression of our love-desires". We overcome the stigma of holding personal magnetic impulses such as covetousness, jealousy, greed, avarice and gluttony, and the self-reproachful sensations from 'aberrations' or unfulfilled lust cravings.

When purely carnal desires become entangled into our personal choice processes, they tend to interfere or block the heart connection to true love and appreciation. Much harm occurs when we enter agreements based on the lower ego-based (fear/survival) vibrations of the desire principle.

Healing (letting go of the ego-attachment) is necessary to unlock the blockage. This healing can only come by gaining a deeper understanding of the root cause of all these ills, which is fear and insecurity that something in us may not be worthy of being or fulfilled or satisfied without conditions.

Of course, great healing sometimes comes through aggravating old wounds by inflaming brand new sores; where fresh lovers come along and help us to confront the source of our heartbreak and pain. The decisive moments in this process may become most apparent as this cycle reaches its critical turning points (see dates above).

In the wake of any terrible heartbreak; in the face of suffering, there are two ways you can remedy the situation. Either hold on to and perpetuate the bitterness or seek to transform the pain into a creative force. Sometimes the hurt you hold inside is the healing you're hesitant or too ashamed to receive...

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