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Astrology Aspects

December, 2015

  • 2 December

    Venus-Mars-Jupiter opposition Chiron

    Venus-Mars-Jupiter opposition Chiron (the post full-moon debrief) A profound development where matters of the heart are …

  • 2 December

    Chiron Aspects

    Chiron Chiron ~ King of Insight, Passion and Compassion Chiron Direct Chiron ~ Sun Sun …

  • 2 December

    Pluto Aspects

    Pluto Pluto has a problem… The Journey to reclaim the Divine Masculine ~ Pluto, ruler …

  • 2 December

    Neptune Aspects

    Neptune goes Direct Neptune ~ Sun Sun sextile Neptune Sun square Neptune Sun trine Neptune …

November, 2015

  • 30 November

    Sun conjunct Saturn

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    Become the reason behind everything that happens “to” you. Embody the very consequences of ‘time’, …

  • 30 November

    Sun conjunct Saturn ~ square Neptune

    sun square neptune, sun conjunct saturn, saturn square neptune, saturn neptune square, depression, sadness, neptune bubble, saturn depression, saturn reality check

    I bet, under that thinly-veiled veneer of grey-haired, wrinkled cynicism lies just a poor and …

  • 29 November

    Astrology Aspects

    We are excited to announce we have begun work on constructing an archive of astrology aspect …

  • 29 November

    Uranus Aspects

    Uranus ~ Sun Sun conjunct Uranus Sun sextile Uranus Sun square Uranus 2.Sun square Uranus …

  • 29 November

    Saturn Aspects

    Saturn ~ Sun Sun conjunct Saturn Sun conjunct Saturn ~ square Neptune Sun trine Saturn …

  • 29 November

    Jupiter Aspects

    Jupiter ~ Sun Sun conjunct Jupiter Sun trine Pluto square Jupiter Sun square Jupiter Sun …

  • 29 November

    Venus Aspects

    Venus Venus retrograde Venus ~ Sun Sun conjunct Venus Venus in Leo semisquare Sun in …

  • 29 November

    Mars Aspects

    Mars ~ Sun Sun square Mars Sun on the Mars-Mercury Midpoint Mercury square Uranus on …

  • 29 November

    Cancer Moon triggering Cardinal Cross

    moon signs, cardinal grand cross, cancer moon, pluto in capricorn, uranus in aries, mars in libra, water signs moon, cancerian moon,

    Dear angels and diligent footsoldiers, On a more serious side note here… case you ain’t …

  • 28 November

    The Moon’s Journey through the Zodiac

    Moon in Aries Moon in Aries Mars-Saturn Opposition, ignited by the Aries Moon Moon in …

  • 28 November

    Moon Aspects

    Moon ~ Sun Moon in Cancer square sun in Aries – First quarter Moon Moon …

  • 28 November

    Mercury Aspects

    Mercury ~ Sun Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries Sun conjunct Mercury trioctile Saturn Sun on …

  • 28 November

    Sun Aspects

    Always the Sun… Sun ~ Moon Moon in Cancer square sun in Aries – First …

  • 19 November

    Vesta conjunct the South Node

    VESTA conjunct SOUTH NODE (strongest November 21, 2015) In late October 2015, Vesta, asteroid goddess of …

  • 9 November

    Venus in Libra ~ Ode to the Goddess

    venus in libra, libra astrology, venus love, venus goddess, venus astrology,

    Goddess of beauty great goddess of love Lips sweet as treacle bring peace like a …

  • 3 November

    Sun trine Neptune semi square Mars

    neptune trine sun, neptune sun astrology, neptune sun aspects, neptune astrology, neptune spirituality, neptune spirit, astrology readings, ang stoic

    Sun trine Neptune semi square Mars Immerse yourself deeply into your instinctual nature. Become inspired …

October, 2015