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MOON hits off PLUTO across the MARS/URANUS opposition

Pressure… how much can one handle?
How far can one push?

‘The quickening’ has taken hold. We have transitioned onto the highest notch of the official Splitskrieg Alert Meter. Global sensitivity is at über-high levels. Tolerance is hanging by a whisker.

Politics (on all levels) is in full damage-control mode.

Long pent-up emotions canmoon, moon pluto aspects, uranus mars aspect, pluto mars aspects, uranus astrology, pent up emotion, rage, pent up anger, fast turn to rage, impelling someone to take extreme, unprecedented actions. Even the slightest variation in an already over-aspiring campaign could easily see the old faithful mass-psyche (zeitgeist) erupt into a drastically dramatic deal-breaking reaction.

Yes… be ambitious.
No… be cautious whose fragile vanity gets offended now.

Could bust out into torrential stormfucks.

Turning point.

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