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Mars/Pluto square URANUS ~ The Quickening

This week has kicked off with a tremendous jolt, courtesy of the Mars/Pluto conjunction, powerfully shifting our interpersonal relations as intensely as this first wave of energetic downloads began last week (strongest on Wednesday Oct 19).

Many of us would have felt heavily depleted through this point.

From an evolutionary perspective this presents us with an opportunity for a quantum leap forward.  It seems that every time we press ahead internally, something phenomenal happens as a reaction down here on this planet. Grimly, it also means that on a lower vibrational level, much turmoil may also engulf this earth, as the negative manifestations of such an intense dynamic combination conjure the elements of fear, hatred, jealousy, greed and war.

Where Mars is involved, it is the transformation of masculine energies that come under fire. We must learn to temper these in each of us, otherwise we face the very real threat of destroying ourselves through our interactions with each other.

We will all continue to experience this pressure through the week until another climactic ‘awakening’ occurs by the end of the week when Mars squares Uranus (Saturday Oct 29). How do these energies affect you, by specific zodiac influence?

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  1. Libra, with Aquarius rising.
    October 5, 1956 at 1.45pm

  2. Joyce E McFarlane

    Pisces with 29degre of Capricorn & Aqurius .
    Love reading your updates on Facebook , many thanks

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