Venus conjunct Juno

So… in light of all the dramas playing out in the world of personal relationships this year, the primary focus these past few months has been in how adept we’ve been at keeping some sense of harmony, peace and balance in the old customary sense of what constitutes a ‘marriage’.

Is the union held together by an externally applied force or is this the ultimate expression of love.

In some ways, one would almost haVENUS conjunct JUNO, Juno asteroid, juno asteroid marriage, marriage astrology, relationship astrology, juno venus aspectsve to be an expert marriage counsellor to navigate through (and survive) the touchy minefield of connubial affairs these days.

It goes well beyond having to be careful and considerate among one another, whilst also staying politically correct in public. With the state of hypersensitivity among some folks these days, one might need to possess the skills of a highly-trained hostage-negotiations expert just to get through another day without some calamitous eruption taking place.

Best policy (with Mars about to square Pluto, then oppose Uranus) is to prepare the way to come for real with the shocking truths. No ducking and weaving Houdini act will save you if something just isn’t sitting right.

Not just talking about marriage either. This applies to any form of union that’s gone bung.

Be set to talk things through… it’s easier.

Originally published 16th February, 2016
 © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2015



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