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Neptune – 150° – North Node

You are slowly losing your memory. Slowly you are forgetting much of who you are. It is happening in a very amazing way. As a wave of light is passing through you, many of those moments that you carry in an unconscious place, those painful moments of past humiliation, embarrassment and shame are being dispelled by the universe, thrown out of your carriage like discarded heavy bags.

You are slowly becoming lighter.

At the same time a second wave of light is sweeping over you, one that is helping to re-build, re-align, re-wire you, re-connecting and re-MEMBERing you towards a path that will return you back home.

Allow the light in. Drop the painful memories, tNeptune inconjunct the North Node, neptune north node astrology, neptune north node transit, neptune north node astrology, neptune north node aspects, neptune astrology, neptune delusionhose heavy baggages, the ones loaded with such anger, resentment and rage, that only serve to weigh you down with dis-comfort and dis-ease. Lose those memories and commence the journey of re-enlightenment towards who you truly are.



Originally Published ~ 20/04/2015

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