Chiron conjunct South Node

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The compelling urge to find some healing for your apparent ills now brings you to a point along your journey where you suspect that maybe (just maybe) the answer lies not in depending desperately on others (and a whole bunch of medicaments, rituals, ‘healers’, etc) to provide you with the answer to your ill-begotten woes…

Maybe the answer has been deep within you all along. That if you cared to look inside yourself, you may just come to realise that YOU ALONE carried the key to releasing your past karma and to clear your way towards resolving all the issues of your sodden fear-based past.

You had the knowledge in you from the start.

Only the influence of your culture has convinced you otherwise, sending you on a futile search for healing down a thousands different roads, each with its own expensively distracting little ‘medicine’.

That little voice within is slowly getting louder, silently screaming to you that the best way forward is to drop all those dependancies that you’ve accrued along the way.
Time now to come to an understanding that what’s obscuring your vision for a lighter, brighter future is your poor, desperate clinging to a fast-expiring, unsustainable pressure to ‘get well’.

Come now, drop that baggage.

It’s your fear of letting go that’s made you ill with worry to begin with.

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