Neptune on the Sun-Chiron midpoint

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Great forces are building around us, in every nook and crevice, conspiring to demonstrate to each of us that, indeed, cosmic love is absolutely ruthless and highly indifferent to our individual whims and personal pretensions.
It will proceed to teach you its lessons, whether you like it or not.

Many people will not like this, find it unpleasant/

If you have not, at least, learned to let go of all those things of lesser importance and begun to focus on what is most important in spiritual terms you will increasingly come face to face with pain, hardship and certain disappointment.

You are either CERTAIN or you are NOT that your power and light comes only from your ability to clearly differentiate between what is truly important to you in terms of your own personal evolution versus what the world/culture/social milieu deems important. The process of ceasing to base your self worth on outer or superficial criteria and to perceive your importance as a being assisting in world change and the spiritual process of others is about to reach its peak.

Those of you who have followed my work and have come to meet me are already aware that this has been my consistent message all along. It has nothing to do with me per se.

My loyalty is only to those beings who are aware of their own, self-emanating light and power for they are always true. Their radiance is as bright as their integrity to be themselves and their tenacity and will to shine on in their own right.

I call those beings ‘stars’.

Like our own Sun, who rises every morning to deliver his message of love & light into our world, every morning you too are given the opportunity to rise and shine in your own right.

In the next two weeks, as the Sun heads towards Chiron (the shaman) to become eclipsed by the Moon there will be an invitation to join the great, cosmic tribe.You will be called to allow the deeper meaning of things to emerge, without the projections of your own ego over them. You will be called to express your ability to assist others in the discovery of their life’s meaning and purpose.

Subtle insights into the TRUE purpose of this life are funnelling through right now, as highlighted by this VIRGO Full Moon. Those of you who are becoming aware can really start to sense that your ideal world is being fulfilled as you let go of the strains and limitations imposed by one’s ego. Menial work, relationships of ungrateful servitude, unhealthy hang-ups with substances, subscription to things that have only come to enslave you by the whims and fancies of your flailing, flagging ego are about to let you down.

Your only path to a deeper and more expanded reality lies in your determination to explore the meaning and purpose of everything that you encounter. Really come to question its worth, ask to see its intrinsic truth. Find out where it sources its power.

Is it a true star? Does it emanate in its own light?

Are you a true star? Do you bring to light those ideas and energies which are exactly what is needed to heal and inspire those around you? How conscious of this are you?


originally published 22nd February, 2016

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