Moon on the Jupiter – Chiron Midpoint

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It takes some degree of openness and generosity of spirit to just instinctively know how to uplift others and how to dispel them from the throes of their depression. Sometimes, just the ability to listen to others’ problems has not only a soothing effect on their pain, but a deeply healing effect on the world around them too.
It’s a strange time now, because there seems to be a real schism between the various traditional forms of religion, counselling and guidance versus the more unorthodox teachings and methods of healing. Worlds collide, and those energised by the curiosity of this Gemini Moon are truly in two minds about which road to take in order to seek encouragement on how to proceed along their spiritual/healing path.

Some are just becoming quietly sceptical about ANY form of guidance altogether.

Understandably so…

Even through the toughest of situations or most disheartening conditions – knowing intuitively how to give someone just the sort of encouragement that they need is a true art form. It takes a special skill to instinctively synthesise and harmonise ideas that aim to (at least) perceive the hidden connections between different events, energies, karmic patterns, etc. – enough to be able to make them feel understood and cared for, so that they may proceed to find prosperity and to tap in to the abundance of the universe.

The ability to create enthusiasm and positivity in others through assisting in their reconnection to spirit is a life affirming role that many of us can play. It may be a difficult one to delineate or to define (in conventionally social terms) these days, since both traditional and alternative models could well borrow something from each other to bring things into full balance. One day (soon) learning to overcome our own blues, then serving as a healer/teacher/coach to someone may be the biggest growth industry on this planet – this based simply on the up-coming demand for human compassion that is building on this planet now, and over these next few months.

Blessings to all you kind and loving creatures who are already on this path.


Originally published 24th February, 2016


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