Sun square Neptune

Sun square Neptune

...sensitivity heightens
feeling sullen, withdrawn
subtle forces enshroud you
all vitality’s gone
in amidst the confusion
can’t see wrong from what’s right
best escape this delusion
slip away in the night.

All those small disappointments,
unfulfilled little plans,
make no difference to no-one
seems ’twas all song and dance,
Let it go, just surrender
makes no sense anyway
to your spirit stay tender
let it all drift away.

Come now, try and stay humble
this was not about about you,
if your world had to crumble
‘haps it wasn’t so true.
‘haps the best you can do now
dream of glorious days
when new efforts might fetch you
meritorious praise.

Originally Published ~ 1/6/2016

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic