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Venus on the Saturn/Neptune midpoint

Venus on the Saturn/Neptune midpoint, venus neptune aspects, neptune venus astrology, neptune aspects, saturn neptune astrology, venus saturn aspects, cosmobilogyWhat did you actually want from this? You didn’t really… I mean deep down, somewhere, you must have known. You must have seen that this was not possible by tangible, physical terms. It was more in your head than anything…

Look at this: The sheer limitations of distance, cultural divide, language, class, age, manner, everything… everything so unlike you, standingbetween you both, and of course, there’s that element that makes it ever so delicious – that element that makes you feel so godly omnipotent… that YOU can make the impossible possible. That YOU can heal the wounded, attract even the most heavenly beautiful, seduce the incorruptible, holy and the otherwise attached, YOU can convert the undecided, and (most unbelievably) YOU can ensnare the most elusive and unattainable… as if you’re hunting some great white whale.

Such an ego…

And what did you think was actually going to come of this? That one of you would one day change to suit the other? Sure….

Yeah, of course you feel depressed.
I’m sorry, but you must have known, humans just don’t work that way…

So if it had to end due to irreconcilable distances, count that as a blessing. Movie’s over. Time to remove those 3D glasses and get back to reality. (It’s much nicer anyway).

……and read this : https://angstoic.com/2015/04/the-spiritual-relationship-its-time-for-a-new-way-of-relating/

Originally Published ~ 17/04/2015

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