Venus opposition Pluto – Sunday Jul 21, 2019

At this time, serious problems could emerge in our social, political and our most intimate relations, especially those open to displays of domination, possessiveness and control.

When we demand to have our own way with others, or assume to dictate over their prerogatives, a dark, heavy, pernicious force besets the dynamic, potentially damaging the relationship in psychological and emotional ways. Sometimes this is frightfully obvious, but other times it operates in much more subtle, subdued, ‘gaslighting’ ways. 

During this transit, any relationship prone to unhealthy power imbalances is invariably going to conjure up the darkest manifestations of Pluto’s most distorted, perverted or grotesque energies. In the light of this, it will take some deep self- reflection to alleviate some of the potentially malignant consequences, at least before any serious personal transformation can take place.

Under the current circumstances, where Pluto is currently in proximity to Saturn at the South Node, the situation becomes ever more pressing and is indicative of a much larger crisis affecting all of humanity. That it may thrust us into a collective crisis, one whose complexities resonate across the collective psyche is a sign that we are dealing with a massive crisis which will summon the entirety of our resources to learn how to heal.

Pressure to address issues with others arising from mere annoyance, to anger, hatred, rage, brutality and abandonment could linger for the rest of the year, until the toxic elements being pressed out are finally purged and dissipated, or else plunge us deeper, into ever more harmful episodes.

It’s like that sometimes. Whether for pleasure or to purposely inflict pain and suffering upon another – whatever it is we have a nasty sting for, a kind of latent tendency from our reptilian past to penetrate and devour – will rouse up into matter, forcing us to confront the darkest aspects of our psyche. Whilst this can be inherently positive and creatively beneficial towards our soul growth, it could feel most awful and oppressive at the time, and relationships could easily deteriorate into utter failure, bitter acrimony and suffering. In many respects, this can create a jaded, cynical attitude towards all of life – the toxic by-product of Pluto’s corrosive energy – a sign of a frustrated, demoralised, emotionally battered view of love and life. 

For now, observe what is happening between you and whoever you just want to control (or feel controlled by). See how any unwelcome force is only going to push or pull you away from your energetic centre (soul) and your feelings to give and receive love unconditionally (heart). It is possible that, due to lack of awareness, the performative dramas of control and demand could bring great crises, which, by the time you realise what it’s doing to you could almost certainly make it too late to go back to how things were. If something about the way you relate has to change, then it will. The crises it brings will tear strips off your ego. By the end of it you will no longer be your old self.

One way or another, you will have been transformed into something else – either a more monstrous version, or someone who is a little more familiar with parts of themselves that they best own – not try to project out onto others.

Sometimes too, we need such terrible relationships to mess with us. Whether purposely on with blind malice, they have the power to break us down into a million little pieces. Pluto is the Lord of death and rebirth, so in the Venus cycle, there are certain terminable changes and transmutations to be made in the way we relate to one another.

Certainly you are looking for something in others; but your psycho-sexual and emotional desires can be too powerful, creating distortions of inner motives and leading to compulsive actions on your part. This is usually followed by an attempt at an excuse or justification, like “I don’t know what possessed me”, or “I couldn’t control myself…” You might at least need to learn to pull yourself away and look at the source of your behaviour, take care of yourself. Ask others to do the same.

See how your shadow nature may have become aroused by the warped and twisted Pluto energy, sending the love relationships into a demanding, possessive, domineering and emotionally demoralising place. The choice is yours; you can potentially defuse any abhorrent dramas that flare up with others, or you can fully shut the whole thing down, hoping that the funk will lift of its own volition.

Pluto here is subtly pressuring us to take a more constructive approach. We may be faced with deeply concerning consequences of playing passive to the inner forces, denying that something has to change, whilst remaining unconscious to their hidden agenda to change us anyway.

If you’ve allowed yourself to become possessed by the ravages of addiction and abuse, it may take some serious inner searching to find how best to mitigate the negative psychological impact of this affair… Either way, you won’t leave until the inner work is done, and even if it’s over, the trauma and abandonment may haunt you for a lifetime. Pluto’s damage cannot be reversed, and it’s only our ego that defies any attempts to accept this.

Deep inner work is necessary in order for us to confront and control our demons before they poison or kill off others. If we can access the darker side of our psyche, we stand to reach a higher state of self understanding and hopefully make some serious individual transformation. Much maturity and compromise is necessary. Without some degree of self effacement, it will be hard, if not impossible to fight off Pluto’s secret urge for supreme, unyielding control.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2019

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