Mercury sesquisquare the Node

Mercury sesquisquare the Node, mercury nodes aspects, mercury node astrology, nodal astrology, moons nodes, ang stoicclick, click…. I pull the trigger but nothing is firing… Is this thing not loaded??

It’s probably more because I can’t decide how to get out of this stinking rut. Am I just being lazy, complacent, can’t choose whether to go left or right, choose red or blue, choose Peggy or Sue…

What to do…?

Stuck with having to choose? Then don’t. Why make a CHOICE when you can look deep within and actually make a DECISION?

Decisions come from the INSIDE. Create one all by, for yourself, follow it up with action, get a result you can be pleased with.

And stop being so perplexed by the limitation of choice apparently available to you by those OUTSIDE.

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Originally Published ~ 27/04/2015

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