Mercury trine Pluto

To you, you wit,
to whit you twit,
just sit this out for just a bit
and listen, if you will, to it,
by no means quit – don’t flit, submit,
and hold your kit, don’t bust a tit,
we must commit, yes it’s legit,
so hop to it, lickety split,
don’t throw a fit, you little sh*t
ideas transmit, t’will be a hit
just trust me, we’ll all benefit
just hold on tight,
stay closely knit
do as i say
cause this is it…

The communication faculties are now conspiring nicely to provide some DEEPER, more comprehensive INTELLIGENCE on what’s required to SECURELY move the project forward. You will find the resources parceling through today come to sit nicely with the overall design of the plan. Just be certain to keep them simple and on the level, and you’ll find not much can go wrong (in your quest for control & world domination…)

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Originally Published ~ 23/04/2015

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