Mercury quincunx Mars

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Mercury quincunx Mars

Even the most ardent of bandit warriors, whose flippant arrows aim for lofty, grandiose targets like “to steal from the rich, give to the poor” have to stop and pay their ‘specs’ to their accountant from time to time.

Yet, the two seem strangely disconnected in their outlook. One seems to be creating great difficulty for the other, pressing to come up with a clever method that may best assist him to take advantage of the system, just so he can achieve his self-righteously altruistic swindle.

They would argue, gratingly amongst one another till the morning light, but the mental conflict eventually turns to frustration because, in any case, they just DO NOT SEE EYE TO EYE..

One speaks the language of simple mathematics and straight, conservative measures, the other adamantly postulates and draws tremendously long bows in his argument to employ any loopholes in the law, in order to justify some way of satisfying his noble cause.

In the end, after much patience and careful contemplation, the accountant speaks…

“Simple solution:” he says… “It’s just easier if you steal from the poor, give to rich. At least that way is legal.”

….waa waa


Originally published Monday, 11 April 2016

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