Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini

Then things got really clever, the ruling god of mind and communication slips into its home turf, where thinking takes on all forms of versatile twists and turns, leading us to an insatiable curiosity to learn more about what is going on around us and in turn to pass it on.mercury in gemini, mercury astrology, mercury retrograde, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic

Things become a hive of mental activity. Information, data transfer, conversation, discussion, commerce and trade and (though not in the most consistent manner) we are nothing less than amazed at what we find out this next few weeks.

Watch out for the retrograde (13° 9′) on May 19 till June 12.. Stay tuned to this one, as it forms no less than three squares to Neptune over this time. When are the facts not the facts? Well, during most of this period it seems…


Originally Published ~ 1/05/2015

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