Chiron Direct

Chiron Direct

Why does it hurt so much?

Chiron is stationary, which means he appears to be sitting still, applying emphasis to a sore point. After being in retrograde since July 1, 2017, the ‘wounded healer’ now turns direct.

When Chiron appears to move into direct motion again there is a release of pain that seems to have been crippling us with inner shame and self-reproach since the beginning of its retrograde period.chiron direct, the wounded healer, chiron astrology

However, our acceptance of this internalised, subjectified shame and humiliation suffered over our abject inability to find remedy or cure now recoils into a gift of enormous power. We suddenly find the courage to own our suffering and chose to stoically accept our weakness. This resolve in itself becomes a tremendous strength.

In course of Chiron’s direct motion we embark on a shamanic journey outwards to seek members of our ‘tribe’ that suffer a similar affliction to ours. We do not flinch at the grotesque unpleasantness we see in others because we are all too familiar with the hurt of their wound. In this sense we do relate. We have the skills to diagnose and to remedy. We reach deep within our hearts and bring across a most important human quality – healing to others.


Originally Published ~ 20/11/2015

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