Venus square Chiron

And then some people, simply impossible to get close to ’cause there’s so much emotional pain. Impossible to penetrate those blockages because you feel a little weird. Seems like they’ve become so masterful at deflecting any true attempts to open up and just be hugged.

See how clever the mind is?
It has such ways of eluding any deep exploration into the true splendor and beauty of any real intimacy, mostly because it is afraid of making any emotional commitment.

But then, perhaps some just don’t feel comfortable with anything that isn’t purely on the surface. Some people feel quite insecure about exposing much more.

A real tenderness and an emotionally intelligent approach is necessary in order to divine access into those delicate, inter-relational hurts and insecurities, probably stemming back to childhood feelings of rejection or abandonment.

Tread lightly, skirt playfully, be clever and witty, and you never know… you may unlock much in heart.

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Originally Published ~ 29/04/2015

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