Fixed Sign Square ~ Moon in Leo, Sun in Taurus, Saturn in Saggitarius, Ceres in Aquarius

Fixed Sign Square ~ Moon in Leo, Sun in Taurus, Saturn in Saggitarius, Ceres in AquariusThis FIXED SIGN crisis is really an opportunity to test how well things are holding up in the TAURUS SUN’s quest toward creating a more rewarding soul-life.

The LEO MOON, purring for attention finds the Taurus Sun is a bit too content in the lush green pastures of self-fulfilment and personal satisfaction. Like any pussycat she commands her master show her some appreciation, affection and applause. He seems uninterested, preferring the comforts of his own company and the immediate pleasures around him. Being used to loving strokes and adoring eyes for her ostentatious appeal, she becomes belligerent and demanding. The Bull becomes annoyed by what he deems as tiresome, forcible attempts to move him from his peaceful earth.

Things soon become inflamed. The audacity of the cat seems gratingly obnoxious.

Even more vexing to the simple Taurus is the growing scrutiny to comply to some judicious moral code of conduct, courtesy of SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS. Apparently the bovine beast is not sophisticated enough for his time. And, as if to make matters worse, CERES IN AQUARIUS insists the Bull indiscriminately share all his abundant surplus goodies with all and sundry (fair and square). Lots of pressure conspiring upon this great placid animal.

The fiery Leo Moon becomes emboldened with her sense of entitlement in all of this. She insists she gets hers. All this appears like a flaming red rag waving in the corner of the Bull’s eye.

Beware. The running of the Bull…

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Originally Published ~ 26/04/2015

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