Mercury trine Uranus

Mercury trine Uranus

Mercury trine Uranus
Image: Callum MacPherson (Space Road)

Such is the power of the mind that its keen perspicacity and observation, its ability to perceive extraordinary and revolutionary ideas is simply phenomenal, yet simultaneously mundane.

We are able to use our minds to understand anything. All it takes is an openness to work with accord to our wonderful intuition.

Creating healthy pathways from our perceptions in the immediate environment to our higher senses only takes a little care with how we manage our thoughts. Focusing on finding creative solutions rather than destructive thoughts of vengeance, self-defeat, guilt, fear of winning, and a macabre joy of other people’s tragedies is the only way to open up to the greater light this universe is constantly streaming upon our senses.

Just observe how the mighty universe is always ready to lavish you with everything you ask.

Construct healthier roadways to the magic of the universe. Find the courage to be creative with your thought processes.


Originally Published ~ 5/08/2015

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