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…it’s on …ringside ..Jupiter versus Pluto the opposition:

ROUND 3 [ding!]

And the heavyweights are in… head to head now…. the come in swinging:

Jupiter: Let’s start with your big industries. You have poisoned our rivers and streams, killed the wildlife and forests to make money with your massive processing plants and sprawling real estate developments.

Pluto: You people need consumer goods, you foods and products, big homes, yet you want to keep your environment pristine, give me a break… we gave you recycling bins on the end of your streets didn’t we??

Jupiter: Ha!, and speaking of the environment, you have dangerously brought the entire planet to intense levels of global warming by continued pushing of fossil fuel energy sources, when we are all aware that there are viable alternatives. But of course, you’re controlling the world’s economies by charging us for digging up the earth’s buried riches.

Pluto: For a start, global warming is a myth. And on one hand you are accustomed to your home cooling and heating, cable TV and internet, automated appliances to enhance your daily routine and on the other complain about the bills? The energy that is delivered to your home did not grow on trees, our companies must mine and generate these.

You never ever come out of you little holes except to drive around to do more shopping, or go to your routine labouring jobs. You live your like caged chickens, stuck in you nests, feeding on a diet of familiarity and sentimentality without a creative thought in your heads… how is that going to get you anywhere?

Jupiter: What a shame that you judge our lives as a mere bland routine! You have enslaved us to your factories, your office blocks, your counsel jobs, your retail outlets, your housing developments, and your have made us nervously clingy to a false sense of job security, jobs that are now slowly being replaced by technology and cheaper offshore slavery, crippled the community’s craft and artisan culture with mass production of cheap worthless products… What happened to our small businesses, our ma and pa stores, where we took the love and care to serve one another and make a difference in each other’s lives?… we used to support our local community by shopping locally for goods that were made nearby – you snuffed those out with your mega-marts and franchises…

Pluto: Don’t be silly, who wants to waste their afternoon going around to a dozen little shops to find a good tomato, hearing sales-people’s dreary life stories after a long day’s work? People want speed, convenience, quality, product assurance, variety. You guys asked for that – we gave it to you, all under one roof, at one low, low price! … and you whine about the ma’s and pas… Why aren’t they at home with your family watching cable TV??

Jupiter: Why you… you mock the disintegration of our market place, the whole economy is controlled by just a few corporations, our fuel and grocery supplies, our energy and utility needs, our banking and financing… all controlled by a few, ridiculously wealthy individuals… this isn’t democracy! It’s plutocracy….

Pluto: Ease up old man, you wackos and your conspiracy theories… the defeated man’s only refuge against the truly successful in a world that provides the freedom to make anything of yourself, as long as you have the drive to achieve.

Jupiter: to achieve?? yeah right… the minute anybody has an idea that is potentially a threat to your big business you just snuff it out with a blank check… healthy enterprise… talk about your bullying – you raid our small ventures, blockade our rallies, silence and disband our unions with legal action, monopolize our media outlets, scoff at our petitions…

Pluto: … Please… you have the internet… Share it!
[ding] END OF ROUND 3

…to be continued


Originally Published ~ 30/01/2014

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