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Sun square Jupiter

There’s a chance we might see some grandiose displays over this next couple of days. It’s fantastic because it fills us with an air of exuberancesun square jupiter, jupiter sun aspects, jupiter astrology, sun square jupiter, jupiter sun aspects, jupiter astrology, jupiter sun hard aspect, jupiter sun astrology, jupiter sun, to do things that reach far beyond the normal bounds of expectation. Great creative works can come from this energy. Great lessons may be learnt too.

The thing to watch is that we don’t blow off too far into realms where many might consider we have gone the wild or brazen.

Arrogance is not an endearing quality.

In those cases, there’s always someone there who will stand as the depository of wisdom and critically tear us down with their own brand of higher judgment. And then again, there’s someone higher still who will pass higher judgement… and so on, and so forth…

One thing’s for sure – what goes exceedingly high must eventually come down, particularly in any over-projection of the career or some over-estimated self-importance.

Only one graceful way down – the wisdom of humility.


Originally published 14th December, 2016

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