Pluto has a problem…

Pluto has a problem…

Whilst he is very capable of solving the whole world’s biggest problems by bringing it under his complete control, he feels inadequate and powerless because, often, he feels an abject failure in being able to control himself.

Classic stuff with Lord Hades – compulsive urge to just fuck everything rather than to transform it.

The writing’s on the wall though.
That extreme, abusive behaviour is clearly under watch now, and it’s pernicious intent is clearly seen. We’ve all seen those very clear pictures of Pluto and his massive heart of darkness – and we have evidence it is much nicer than we imagined.

Truth is though, exiting an abusive and manipulative relationship is never pretty. The ‘wardens’ will always get upset when their prison of control and tyranny is being shut down.


Originally Published ~ 6/08/2015

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