Venus-Mars-Jupiter opposition Chiron

Venus-Mars-Jupiter opposition Chiron (the post full-moon debrief)

A profound development where matters of the heart are concerned.

Seems like all the usual ways and means of giving and receiving love have been turned inside out.

Rather than being drawn (or repelled) to others merely for their physical beauty or prowess, their dazzling personality, social status or ability to be a good provider, something bizarre is occurring.

We are shifting into a higher dimensional realm of relating.

By intuitively tapping into the collective field of love and compassion which exists all around us, we are becoming more adept in our communication of the subtleties that underlie our inner need for affection.

This is new to many of us.

We are now learning to understand each other from the inside out; developing an ability to fully sense each other’s spirit before getting to know more about their personality.

Although this level of relating is still quite raw and fraught with possibilities of confusion, misunderstandings, listlessness or despair, we none-the-less start to traverse to higher road towards discernment of the spirit, chiefly through using our intuition as a guide..

In the explorative journey outward, after we sense another’s purity of heart, the next thing we discover about them is how past wounds have trapped their blessed soul from expressing its true intention through their troubled personality.
Wounds so deep, that they turn their need for love into an expression of anger and pain.
Wounds that have, in many ways, deprived that individual from experiencing true love in their world.
Most critically, wounds that have deprived the entire world from sharing in that individual’s ability to show their joy and love.

Send them compassion.

As we begin to recoil, away from one another and from the exterior world to protect our sensitivities, it is important now to note, in true spirit, how we are still always connected to one another. We can see deeply into those on whom we focus our attention. We see them from the inside out. We sense their pain, and send them kindness and forgiveness.

We start to understand what it is that truly shields our loved ones from being able to share their inner beauty and their tenderness with us. We see right through the shame and guilt that isolates them from feeling connected to the joys of the world and promised happiness.

Their wound is our wound.

Reach out to them (by reaching in).

Send them a prayer.

It’s healing.

VENUS:MARS:JUPITER opposite CHIRON (the post full-moon debrief)

Originally Published ~ 29/10/2015

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