Uranus square Mercury on the Sun~Mars midpoint

Uranus square Mercury on the Sun~Mars midpoint

It’s not unlikely now that a simple hapless action… perhaps just a tactless word uttered with innocent intent, naively but scathingly touches upon a most sensitive nerve. So, like a misplaced footstep upon a creaking floorboard, this suddenly alarms the sleeping guard-dogs and their grumpy, surly master to mount a hostile defence, sending the unsuspecting intruder scurrilously scrambling for their own protection.

Long-dormant memories are now being revisited, most unexpectedly triggered and opening up a can of very URANUS square MERCURY on the SUN/MARS midpoint, sun mars aspects, uranus mars aspects, sun uranus aspects, astrology aspects, ang stoic,touchy worms which wriggle and writhe so upsettingly that they proceed to aggravate uncomfortable emotional patterns that have in many ways need to be addressed with urgency and light.

We are of course, each of us, stuck inside repetitively karmic grooves. These living dramas essentially spell out our individual myths and stories, like some great scripted greek tragedy or comedy as it were. However, in these very powerfully awaking times, we are afforded a blessed chance to see whether we can rise above the script that’s being read out to us, if just to deviate or even transcend our often painful, and prescribed fate.

It takes enormous strength not to act out the same old scenario. To become the observer rather than the merely smitten participant.

Moreover, it takes a greater strength again to rise above the whole damned foregone outcome altogether.

Is it possible that with enough light; with enough insight, we can somehow recompose that tired dramatic routine from playing out in the same old, predictably upsetting way?

Time for a little conscious rewiring of our anguished mental processes, you thinks?



Originally Published ~ 18/07/2015

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