Sun conjunct Mercury trioctile Saturn

Sun conjunct Mercury trioctile Saturn, sun conjunct mercury, sun mercury aspects, sun mercury astrology, saturn sun astrology, saturn sun aspects, mercury saturn astrology aspects A very good day for defining boundaries.

We often become annoyed when others act in ways which make us uncomfortable or resentful. These are red flags to step forward and name our limits. It is possible that out of good intent others are unwittingly encroaching upon our prerogative. In a direct, polite manner, without drama we can immediately assert our boundaries as a healthy measure to what we will abide.

Others will soon come to respect that we are not only self-aware, but that we are exercising some level of self-respect.

When people step your boundaries, make it a priority that you would prefer it was only with your consent. Be very clear on that.

And have a lovely Saturn/Sun day

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Originally Published ~ 10/04/2015

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